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British American Tobacco Jobs 2023 via Global Graduate Programme

You might not have seen this job update anywhere else because just now British American Tobacco has announced jobs for 2023 recruitment session under the name of global graduate program for their sales and marketing department.

Salary of British American Tobacco Jobs

You know there are much higher benefits than just salary and allowances if you start working for British American tobacco company and if it talk of those then on top of the list would be to get professional training from Global BAT Academy in 2023 and with that the new recruitees of British American tobacco company will also be able to receive annual bonuses and health insurance coverage plan.

Applying for Global Graduate Jobs at British American Tobacco

What do you need to apply for Graduate jobs at British American Tobacco Company?

I recommend international job applicants to apply for British American tobacco jobs if they have bachelors or masters degree in economics, business, law, or marketing subjects with good scores followed by up to 3 years of work experience in similar niche. With that knowledge of marketing, skills in decision making and high proficiency in English language would actually be a plus factor for you to be selected for graduate trainee program of Tobacco company.

I think this would be more motivational if i tell you that you will be starting your job in Warsaw Poland if you get selected by British American tobacco’s graduate trainee program in 2023 and now if you want to submit an application then you need to create your profile on HR page of British American Tobacco and then submit your biodata, resume (CV), academic documents, and experience letters there without any application fees charges.

Next i advise you to please review your job application for this global graduate trainee program and then submit your application and then wait for their application review to get completed and if you got selected then you will receive their interview call for final selection phase.

Now if you got appointment letter for starting a job at British American tobacco company in Poland then you will also be needed to apply for a Polish Work VISA (D-Type VISA) and you can do so by submitting all your documents and appointment letter at Poland embassy at your country to obtain Poland work VISA.

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