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Etihad Airways Jobs for Cabin Crew With US$55000 Salary

Eithad Airlines is currently accepting online applications from highly motivated and qualified job applicants to be a part of their cabin crew training program through which they will induct cabin crew professionals with high salary and additional job incentives.

You might be wondering that Etihad airways is abu dhabi’s airline so why would they be recruiting cabin crew members with multiple nationalities so let me tell you that Etihad airways is an international airline with multiple international destinations that means travelers from all around the globe travel through Etihad airways which is why their HR department is always in need of cabin crew members with different nationalities depending upon the flight routes so that their cabin crew members can speak multiple languages to service their customers.

Benefits of Working as Cabin Crew Member at Etihad Airways

Reason for me to write this job article for you is to motivate you to be a part of world’s leading cabin crew team at etihad airways that actually won three consecutive awards for having the best cabin crew service by business traveller UAE awards (Ref

You will also be enjoying to travel to a lot of international destinations free of cost if you become a cabin crew member at Etihad airways and with that you will also receive a thick salary of around US$55k.

Requirements of Etihad Airways Cabin Crew Jobs

Etihad airways is ranked at #1 when we talk about cabin crew service which is why they actually want the best individuals to join their cabin crew team with high fluency in English language with university degree or high school certification. Applicants for Etihad airline cabin crew jobs are all required to be over 161cm in height and have and age of atleast 21 years with no tattoos/piercing on body.

Applicants for cabin crew member jobs at etihad airways are also needed to pass GCAA/UAE visa requisites with their willingness to serve their onboard customers with alcohol even in the month of holy ramadan and have expertise in swimming as well.

How to apply for Cabin Crew Jobs at Etihad Airways?

Applying for a job at Etihad airways is super easy because all you need is your academic qualification documents with a resume and a cover letter to fill your Etihad airways cabin crew job application online but before all this you need to find a suitable cabin crew job position at Etihad airways and i am going to help you with that by providing you reference links of their most recent job openings:

Etihad Airways Cabin Crew Jobs 2024

S/N Jobs Location Application Link
1 Cabin Crew Jobs Netherlands Apply Now
2 Cabin Crew Jobs Vienna Austria Apply Now
3 Cabin Crew Jobs Slovenia, Ljubljana Apply Now
4 Cabin Crew Jobs Toronto Canada Apply now
5 Cabin Crew Jobs Athens Apply Now
6 Cabin Crew Jobs at Bucharest Assessment center Apply Now
7 Cabin crew job at Venezuela Apply now
8 Cabin crew job at Norway Apply now
9 Cabin crew job at Luxembourgh Apply now
10 Cabin crew job at Iceland Apply now



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