Hokkaido University EXEX and AI Fellowship 2024

Hokkaido University offers two prestigious fellowship programs for doctoral students: the EXEX Doctoral Fellowship and the Next Generation AI Doctoral Fellowship. These programs provide substantial support to outstanding students aiming to pursue advanced and interdisciplinary research.

Here’s a detailed guide on the benefits, eligibility criteria, application process, and deadlines for these fellowships.

Fellowship Benefits

Both of these Fellowships Offer:

  1. Research Fellowship: 180,000 yen per month to cover living expenses.
  2. Research Expenses: 400,000 yen per year (200,000 yen if the support period is for 6 months).
  3. Additional Funding: Extra research expenses may be provided for challenging and interdisciplinary research, based on proposal reviews.

Eligibility Criteria

For New Doctoral Students:

  • Academic Requirements: Must be entering the doctoral course at Hokkaido University in October 2024, or April 2025.
  • Research Proposal: A robust research proposal demonstrating excellent research abilities and readiness for interdisciplinary work.
  • Application Categories:
    • October 2024: 38 students for the 3-year course, 4 students for the 4-year course.
    • April 2025: 122 students for the 3-year course, 24 students for the 4-year course.

For Current Doctoral Students:

  • Academic Standing: Current students at Hokkaido University can apply for all three entry periods (October 2024, April 2025).
  • Quota Adjustments: Applications are accepted to fill positions vacated by students who decline the fellowship for reasons like receiving JSPS Research Fellowships.

Application Process

Prepare Application Materials:

    • Research Proposal (required, prescribed format)
    • Recommendation Letter from a Hokkaido University supervisor (required)
    • Proof of completion of educational programs (if applicable)
    • External English exam scores (if available)
    • Proof of peer-reviewed publications with Impact Factor (if applicable)
    • Research explanatory video (for 2nd stage selection, if contacted)

Submit Application:

Application Review:

    • The selection committee will review applications.
    • Shortlisted candidates will be notified for further steps, including potential interviews and submission of a research explanatory video.

Submission Window: June 17-28, 2024 (by 5 PM).

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