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How to Apply for American (US) Visit VISA? – Complete Requirements

We often listen to stories from our friends and family that someone in their circle visited USA on visitor VISA and then we in some way also think if we are also eligible to obtain a US visitor VISA or not and if so then what would be its application process so, for this reason, i wrote this article to provide clear information on types of US visit VISA, its purpose, requirements, and complete application process.

US Visitor VISA is issued for any of following Purposes

The first and foremost question that hit my mind while writing this article was like why US department of state would issue you a US visitor visa and the answer was quite obvious upon making research that they have set some visit purposes for which their consular officers may grant you a non-immigrant US visitor VISA upon checking the urge and purpose of your visit.

  • Business related visit to US
  • Tourism related visit to US
  • Mixed purpose visit of above two
  • Medical treatment visit to US
  • US visit VISA for domestic or personal employees of permanent citizens of USA

Types of US Visit VISA Issued by US Dept of State

Based on purpose of your visit to USA the US bureau of consular affairs have set three categories for issuance of American visit visa which are listed below:

  • Category B-2 Visit VISA: Issued for the purpose of Tourism
  • Category B-1 Visit VISA: Issued for the purpose of Business
  • Category B-1/B-2 VISA: Mixed purpose US Visa of above two

I hope now you have enough information to decide the purpose of your visit to US in order to choose the right US visit visa category and therefore now lets get familiar with application process and document requirements to apply for US visitor visa in 2023.

Do you need an IELTS exam to apply for US Visitor VISA?

I am super glad to inform you that you are going to save your money by not sitting in an IELTS exam if you are applying for a US visitor visa because IELTS is not required for this. However, applicants of visit visa for USA are bound to appear for an interview at US embassy with complete documentation where they will be questioned in English language whereas if your age is under 13 or above 80 then you may get exemption from US visit visa interview.

Lets Apply for US Visit VISA in 2023

You have to start your US visitor visa application by filling out a DS-160 visa application form which is a form for the purpose of applying for temporary travel to any of US states and upon filling this DS-160 visit visa form you will need to download it and make sure its barcode is clearly visible on form.

You may also be required to pay a US visa application processing fees of US$160 prior to appearing in a US VISA interview and later on you have to submit a request to schedule an interview session by visiting US consulate office or any US embassy and please ascertain of having a following set of documents with you when you visit embassy for US visit visa interview:

So then you will submit all these documents to consular officer at the time of your US visit visa interview and that is all about how you can apply for US visit visa in 2023 whereas i must also mention that you can check how long would it take for you to get your US visa interview appointment.

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