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Hungary Government Jobs 2023 With Work VISA for Skilled Workers

Why Hungary? This might be a common question among most of you who are looking for find high paying jobs abroad and i am going to answer this question with facts, and citations through which you will surely get convinced to land a job in Hungary in 2023 and with that you will also get information on how you will be able to apply for skilled worker visa of Hungary.

Why You Must Find Jobs in Hungary in 2023?

As per reports of Hungarytoday which was fetched and debated with initial study by, there was massive skilled worker shortages in Hungary which resulted in unfilled 87000 job positions in government sector, whereas 60,000 job vacancies in private sector of Hungary also remained unfilled.

Whereas in upcoming budget according to the reports of Hungary central statistical office they would need over 24000 skilled workers on urgent basis and all of this analysis depicts that Hungary is willing to hire qualified skilled workers and if you have such qualifications and work experience then Hungary can host you to receive your professional services in their country.

List of Shortage Occupations VS Surplus Occupations in Hungary

I want to share with you my analysis as per CEDEFOP report about mismatch occupations demand in Hungary so you can then get better idea about which occupations are in surplus in Hungary and which occupations comes under the list of skill shortages in 2023.

I will start with good news for ICT job seekers who belong to Information Technology (ICT) sector because ICT sector in Hungary is growing at super fast pace during the last few years and now this ICT sector contributes to 12% of overall economy of Hungary and therefore ICT professionals, graduates, and experts are in very high demand there and with that lets also take a look on following chart that explains other shortage VS surplus occupations in Hungary:

List of Mismatch Occupations in Hungary in 2023

Surplus Occupations List Shortage Occupations List
Restaurant managers Engineers
Hotel workers Health care sector professionals
Street vendors Natural science professionals
General office workers Financial managers
Foresty, agriculture, and fishery workers ICT professionals
Garment industry workers Economic experts
Salesman Automotive engineers
Textile and leather industry workers Mechanical engineers
Cashiers Heavy truck drivers
Food technologists Assemblers

From this chart (Ref you can now get an idea of which sort of job occupations are in high demand in Hungary in 2023 whereas at the same time there are certain occupations in Hungary for which they actually have surplus amount of skilled and qualified workers available.

Are you required to Obtain Hungary Work VISA?

If you are a citizen of country that comes under European economic area (EEA) or European union (EU) then you are not required to apply for a work visa for Hungary because you can directly find work opportunities and start working in Hungary. But if you belong from any other region then it would be mandatory for you to obtain Hungarian Work VISA (D-type).

You can apply for work visa of Hungary at any nearest Hungarian embassy and upon entering Hungary for work purpose you will also be required to convert your work visa into Hungarian work permit.

Where Can You Find Skill Shortage Jobs in Hungary in 2023?

Before we get on to this i want you to please optimize your current resume or CV and cover letter as per Hungarian job market so that you can then standout among other job applicants by relating yourself to the job you are going to apply for.

I personally recommend you to use national employment service of Hungary, EURES Hungary, Europass Hungary Portal, and labour bulletin pages to find latest employment opportunities in Hungary in 2023.


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