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Hungary Work Visas 2023 – Application Process With Eligibility Criteria

You must be looking for high paying employment opportunities abroad in 2023 and for that reason i want you to also consider Hungary for your next employment destination because you may never had known this fact that Hungary is among top 10 countries where skilled worker shortages are at its peak which means finding a job in Hungary would be super easy and that too with high salary.

List of Hungary Work VISA’s in 2023

Now if you have decided to find employment in Hungary then the first stumbling block you would need to cross would be to find out which Hungarian work visa is suitable for you, so for that lets explore this article together to get proper understanding of Hungary work Visas and work permits available in 2023 for international job seekers of European Union and non-EU countries.

1- Joint Work permit for Hungary (90 Days+)

If you are going to start a job in Hungary that will have you to stay and work in Hungary for over 90 days time then you will be required obtain Hungarian joint work permit.

2- Individual work Permit of Hungary (Less than 90 days)

You will have to apply for Hungary individual work permit in case of getting a job in Hungary that will allow you to stay and work in Hungary for a period of less than 90 days.

3- Seasonal Employment VISA of Hungary

You might not know this but most of Hungarian population is aging (Ref Aging trends Hungry published by Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology) which is now a big contributing factor of shortage of skilled young workers for certain occupations in Hungary such as for horticulture, fishing, agriculture, and animal husbandry.

All of these occupations are for seasonal work and i think if you have qualifications and work experience in any of these fields then you can easily find employment in Hungary and when that happens then the next thing you would need before travelling to Hungary would be to apply for Hungarian seasonal work visa.

4- Residence Permit of Hungary

Tartózkodási engedély is basically Hungary’s residence permit which is issued to non-EU and non Hungarian workers to live in Hungary for up to 90 days time. This residence permit of Hungary is actually also issued to foreigners who are interested to study in Hungary or work there by finding employment, or want to have family reunion, or are interested in participating in traineeship program, or want to have medical treatment from Hungary (Ref National directorate journal Hungary).

5- Single Applicaiton Process

This option is actually available to citizens of European union member countries through which they can use single application process to obtain 180 days permit to live in EU territorial country if employer hiring them is also registered with government authorities of EU member countries (Ref EuropeanUnion).

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