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In Demand Jobs 2023 Toronto Ontario Canada (with Salaries)

I think everybody wants to work in a region that is prosperous, have safe work environment, have highly skilled professionals, have a competitive environment, and provides high salary packages as compared to any other surrounding areas and this is why i wrote this article for you to focus on job market of Toronto Canada in 2023.

You might not know this that Toronto is basically the biggest city in Canada with largest skilled workforce making Toronto the third largest work destination in North America. So if you are curious to know which of the areas are in super high demand for skilled employees in Toronto then those are finance, technology, tourism, entertainment, aviation, healthcare, education, business, and engineering; and because of fast paced working pattern in Toronto there is always a scope in Canadian companies for capturing new recruits in these areas for Toronto city.

List of High Demand Jobs in Toronto Canada in 2023

So now lets directly explore some of the high demand jobs available in Toronto job market in 2023 to local and international job seekers:

1- Education Sector Jobs in Toronto: Average Salary CA$89000

You will be surprised to know that there are over 30+ international universities situated in Toronto whereas 50+ colleges and technical training institutes where thousands of new job opportunities for teachers, trainers, professors, lecturers, research associates, management workers, and similar professions are available for recruitment and the average salary in education sector of Toronto city is around CA$89000 (Source). So, if you want to find a high paying job in Toronto then please check out U of T jobs, Toronto Metropolitan University jobs, York University jobs, McMaster University jobs, or Seneca College jobs.

2- Aviation Jobs in Toronto: CA$55000 

I think you need to start by knowing which job occupations are in high demand in aviation/aerospace industry of Toronto Canada and then if you have expertise and qualifications for those professions then you can submit your applications in aerospace companies of Toronto and if i talk about average salary of Toronto aviation industry then that is CA$55000/annum (source).

You will be glad to know that pilots, cabin crew staff, flight engineers, flight instructors, aircraft mechanics, thermodynamic engineers, avionics engineers, and terminal manager jobs are in high demand in aerospace sector of Toronto so if you got enough qualifications and experience in any of these fields then you can apply for jobs at Reliance Aerotech Canada, Triforce Aeronautique, Bombardier Aerospace, L3 Communications, or Honeywell.

3- Healthcare Industry Jobs in Toronto: CA$200,000

I know you must be amazed by reading such high average salary (CA$200k source) for healthcare niche in Toronto city but what if i surprise you even more by saying that gynecologists are making over $450k+, and dermatologists are earning over $440k+, whereas in same way surgeons, anesthesiologists and registered nursing staff are being paid very high in Toronto, ON.

And i guess after reading this information you might already be thinking about where your resume is and how soon can you apply for a healthcare industry job in Toronto but the question is where would you find such high paying jobs in Toronto? So for that i am going to help you and by saying this let me give you the names of biggest hospitals and healthcare sectors where you can find their latest open job positions and those are public health ontario jobs, hamilton hospital ottawa jobs, Ottawa Hospital jobs, and Hotel-Dieu de Sherbrooke jobs.


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