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Living Cost, Sight Seeing and Things to do in Frankfurt

How much would you spend living in Frankfurt Germany?

The cost of living in Frankfurt based on the reports collected from the students has been discussed in this article. Managing your monthly expenses depends upon the lifestyle you adopt. However, If you don’t sacrifice several pleasures then it will be very difficult for you to manage your monthly expenses. Moreover, as a student, it is very common that you don’t have a lot of money to spend. So, it is very necessary to have a wise plan for spending money.

Accommodation Cost in Frankfurt

Renting a living place in Frankfurt is the most expensive thing a student has to do. Rents of places depend on the location, as apartments in the city center are expensive than peripheral areas. However, student dormitories are cheaper and better than private accommodations when you have limited money to manage your monthly expenses. 

  • Three-room apartment in the city center costs from 1200-1500 euros
  • Three-room apartment outside the city center costs 900-1100 euros

Moreover, if you want to save more money then it is advised that you should share the apartment with others as you also have to pay utility bills for electricity, gas, garbage, etc which will cost nearly 215 euros a month.

Food and Grocery Cost in Frankfurt

Eating at restaurants can be costly as a one-person meal cost nearly 10 euros. However, a two-person meal in a restaurant can cost you up to 50 euros. So, if you cook at home and make your daily meals then, of course, you can save a lot of money. As the prices of basic food items are very low then eating a meal at the restaurant.

The following are the prices of basic food items in the Frankfurt market:

  • A bottle of milk is less than 1 euro
  • Fresh white bread costs 2 euros
  • 1 kg of fruit costs around 3 euros
  • A pack of cigarettes is 5 euros
  • A Bottle of wine is 6 euros
  • Regular coffee costs 3 euros
  • German beer at the restaurant costs 4 euros while it costs less than a euro if you buy it from the market.

Transportation Cost in Frankfurt

Additionally, the public transportation cost is only 80 euros a month. However, If you are a fitness freak then monthly membership for fitness centers in Frankfurt costs only 50€. Moreover, fun activities don’t cost you much if you do them rarely, for example, watching a movie at the cinema at 9€ only. Apart from this, prices of clothing things vary depending upon the brands and your budget. 

Places worth visiting in Frankfurt

There are many things which you can see in Frankfurt such as

  • Frankfurt Stock Exchange – Borse
  • Goethehaus
  • Frankfurter Dom
  • Sachsenhausen
  • Explora
  • Alte Oper
  • Museum fur Moderne Kunst
  • Bornheim
  • Frankfurt Zoo
  • Stadel Museum

Things to Do in Frankfurt

There are many things you can do while being in Frankfurt such as

  • Book an amazing Jewish tour with Kulturothek.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking landscape of the city and visit a popular skating event on Tuesday night.
  • If you are a book worm, then never miss visiting the book fair in Frankfurt.
  • On Christmas, never miss visiting the Christmas markets as they are full of enjoyment and make you remember your home.
  • On Christofer’s Street Day celebrate the gay pride with the gay community. 
  • Go for a shopping spree on side of Schiller Passage.
  • In Frankfurt, Dippenmarkt buy yourself a garden gnome.
  • Listen to the best music in Summa Summarum.
  • Have a finger-licking meal at Pielok.
  • Go to the Cocoon club and party hard.


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