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NASA Paid Internships 2023 – Online Applications

JPL-NASA Summer Internships 2023

This might become a career deciding post for you to read because i bring you exciting news on available paid internship opportunities at various highly funded projects of National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a NASA-JPL Internships Program

Please check these basic eligibility criteria requirements prior to start your application for any NASA or JPL internship program in 2023 as any application not as per these eligibility standards would instantly be rejected by NASA HR department.

All the students willing to get enrolled in any internship program at NASA must have a minimum age of 16 years and must be pursuing an undergrad degree with a score of at least 2.9 GPA out of 4 in all previous semesters. The students meeting this above requirement may also need to sign a pathways participant bond with NASA to complete 640 hours of work before completion of their degree and all that would be subject to pre-employment background due diligence by NASA HR. The last requirement for any NASA internship project is that the applicants must be fluent in English language and have good know-how of Microsoft word, powerpoint, excel, and access.

How to Apply for a NASA Summer Internship in 2023?

Application procedure for any NASA internship project is super easy for anyone who is willing but there are some steps that need to be followed to maximize your chances of selection.

The next step is important because i suggest you not to apply for any NASA internship in rush because this way you might not be able to find a best fit for you in such a big organization. So, therefore you need to conduct your research on which NASA department fits your subject and interest and then shortlist that department and create a priority list and then move forward on next step to arrange your application documents.

You might not believe this but NASA is actually interested in your story so you need to reflect your story patched with your academic achievements and goals in your resume in Challenge/Action/Result (CAR) Method. With that you also need a convincing resume and a motivational letter drafted for the purpose of applying for a specific internship program at NASA. Once you get these documents ready then i think you are all set to hit this NASA internships Recruitment page to look for a suitable internship program among thousands of opportunities available at NASA and apply directly at NASA’s online internship portal; whereas if you are keen to find internship pathways at NASA then you first need to check what your career focus would be and then apply accordingly.

NASA Internships Are Offered in Which Departments?

You might find it surprising to know that the NASA internships are not limited to just one discipline or department because they are running multiple projects at the same time and this is why a large number of different internship vacancies are available in various departments areas such as medical, engineering, administration, supply & chain, accounting, research, space missions, Procurement and Contracts, commissioning, business wing, and much more. If i name a few of the internships programs at NASA available for recruitment now then those are listed down below:


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