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Poland Work VISA for Worker Shortage Jobs 2023 Application Process

All my job seeker friends who are looking to find a high paying jobs out of their country can now opt for high demand jobs in Poland and start working there by obtaining Poland Work VISA or work permit in 2023. This actually is not so simple as it sounds because the government of Poland via its immigration department wants Poland employers to give priority to Polish citizens for jobs but in case there are no skilled Polish citizens available to fill in that job then Poland employers are allowed to hire skilled international workers to fill in such job positions.

List of Shortage Occupations Jobs in Poland 2023

So this is actually a small crack which you can fill in and so for that you will start by looking for skill shortage jobs in Poland for which Polish employers do not have local workers available therefore now i am going to give you an idea of some of the skills shortage jobs such as handyman, welders, chefs, financial auditors, engineers, doctors, agricultural workers, turners, fitters, forklift operators, porters and drivers.

Now if you think you got skills in any of these professions and do not delay any further and on my recommendation apply for any of these jobs in Poland and i bet you will definitely get selected and will move there to start earning considerable amount of money in no time.

Poland Work VISA Types for Jobs in 2023

I think i must start with very basic details about Poland work VISA so you can get much better understanding and therefore as you all know Poland is an EU country which is why the citizens of any EU countries are exempted from Poland Work visa requirement and this makes it super easy for EU nationals to look for jobs in Poland and start working there easily. But what about those job seekers who are not from Poland neither from any EU country so for them there are following types of Poland VISA available in 2023:

1- Poland Type A Work Permit:

Poland government allowed Poland employers to hire international workers on Type A work permit for those job occupations for which they can not find local citizens and such jobs are actually termed as Shortage occupation jobs in Poland.

2- Poland Type C/E Work Permit:

If you are working for an international company which is expanding its operations in Poland or have an office in Poland and they are moving you there then in that case you will be applying for Type C or Type E Polish work permit.

3- NOMAD Freelance VISA for Poland

All my freelancer friends who are searching for a country where operational and living cost is on minimum side can opt for Poland freelance VISA because the entry requirements are quite low for this Polish freelance VISA and with that operational and living cost in Poland is also very low which means if you will do your freelance business from Poland then that would actually become economically more viable.

How to Submit your Application for Poland Work VISA?

Friends i think you will be feel relaxed if i tell you are not required to apply for Poland work visa by yourself because the employer hiring you will be submitting your Polish work VISA application with all required documents and due to this reason just keep your documents ready because your employer may ask you to provide those with a VISA application fees for Poland PLN 100; which in most cases is also paid by employers hiring you.

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