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Top 3 Skill Shortage Jobs in Norway 2023 for International Job Seekers

First of all let me give you top 4 reasons for which you will think about immigrating to Norway to find employment opportunities in 2024 because for me i think Norway is one of those best countries where high salaries, good living standards, serene sceneries, and good work/life balance is waiting for you to experience (Ref

With that as per research we figure out if citizens of specific country are rich and have more billionaires/millionaires then that is a clear indication of high salaries and good business environment of that country and considering this i verified that Norway’s 5.5% adult population is already millionaire out of 100% which contributes to 0.3% of total global millionaire population (Ref Wikipedia) which means if Norway is among top spots where employments are very highly compensated as well.

List of Top 3 High Demand Job Occupations in Norway in 2023

So, now after reading this factual information i think you must be very highly interested to find jobs in Norway and with that your first thought would be which of the occupations are in very high demand in Norway so for that this article is all about and lets discuss everything here now.

1- Job Occupations in Oil & Gas Sector of Norway

You might not know this fact that Norway is now 7th largest producer of oil & gas which contributes to 3% of total international fuel consumption whereas Norway got got to 3rd position when we talk about largest exporter of natural gas (Ref

Therefore to run these massive oil & gas operations Norweigian companies always face shortage of engineers, mining experts, fresh graduates, and operational staff which is why i suggest you to please explore open job positions in these Norway oil and gas companies Conoco phillips skandinavia jobs, Equinor energy jobs, and DNO norge jobs.

2- Fishing and Aquaculture jobs in Norway

You will be surprised to know that Norwegian seafood exports in 2022 earned over NOK 151+ billion which became historical record for Norway and if we compare these exports value to 2021 then we found around 25% increase in its exports income in 2022 (Ref Norwegian seafood council).

So, this big is this Norway’s seafood industry and to run these operations they also face shortage or workers and this is where i think you should apply for jobs and if you need help in this then please check latest jobs openings at these Norway aquaculture companies Leroy jobs, coast jobs, aqualifeservices jobs.

3- Timber Industry jobs in Norway

Now 6.6 billion Norwegian kroner is a big thing and this much worth of timber exports were carried out by Norway which means Norway’s timber and related pulp industry is a serious thing where you can also look for employment in 2023 and to get you started i will suggest you to please apply for latest job openings at Glommen Mjøsen Skog jobs, allskog jobs, Norske skog, and Elopak asa.


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