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UNSW Sydney Scholarships 2024 – 6 Steps to Study in Australia Absolutely free

All my international scholarship seeking audience have now this opportunity to apply for various fully funded scholarships offered by Australian university of new south wales (UNSW) for admissions of 2024-2025 session and i strongly suggest all of you to submit your applications for UNSW scholarships because you will get this opportunity to study at UNSW which is considered world’s best university for 42 subject categories (Ref UNSW).

So basically there are going to be 3 big steps to start studying in UNSW in 2024 which are applying for admission, accepting UNSW scholarship/admission, and then you will also have to apply for Australian study visa and all of these 3 steps would roughly take 4-6 months of time to complete and then you will surely be seeing yourself in Australia studying at UNSW.

5 Steps of Application for Scholarship at UNSW Australia

So, in this article, i explained how you can actually submit an application for admissions and scholarships at UNSW in 5 simple steps so that you can find it easy to apply for admission on Australian scholarship there.

1- Check Your Eligibility for UNSW Scholarship, Subject, & degree

So this is your ground step from where first of all you will have to check admission/scholarship requirements as per subject offering of UNSW for all of their higher degree research programs and then you will also be required to submit your financial declaration or GTE form for providing insights about your source of funding whereas i also recommend you to check all available faculties of UNSW to find out if your research area is available or if your subject/degree is being offered there or not.

2- Get a Supervisor at UNSW for your Research Work

Now this stage is actually very important and you need to be more careful with this because your total stay in Australia at UNSW will be dependent on this because here you are advised by UNSW admission team to find a supervisor teacher for your research work at UNSW.

This means you have to check faculties of UNSW to find out their ongoing research projects and i you feel your area of expertise matches with their research project then you will be required to send your transcripts and CV to their faculty/professor who may be interested to interview you and if you manage to get an acceptance letter from them then you will also be required to fill out UNSW research plan form.

3- Prepare Application Material (Documents)

You need to be careful because i do not want you to miss out on anything on required documents list for UNSW scholarship application submission and for that reason please start with having expression of interest (EOI)/supervisor contact details, language proficiency exam certs, research plan form, funds declaration form, academic transcripts, passport, CV, portfolio, and references (Ref UNSW application Document Guideline).

4- Fulfil English Language Requirements of UNSW

This step is also very crucial in my opinion because UNSW is one of those Australian universities where proof of English language proficiency is required to process scholarship admission applications and as per latest verification UNSW is only accepting PTE, IELTS, C1/C2 advanced, TOEFL, and ANU access tests whereas you can check detailed report on minimum passing marks required in these tests here.

5- Submit UNSW scholarship application

Now when you are done with all above checks then your final task would be to submit your UNSW scholarship/admission application (Ref UNSW Application Portal) whereas you have to do it before application deadline which for most UNSW scholarships 2024 is in September 2023.

List of UNSW Scholarships 2024 for International Students

So here is complete list of all Australian scholarships which are now all available at university of new south wales (UNSW) for international students to grab this chance to study there henceforth i recommend you to please apply for these asap (Ref UNSW scholarships).

List of all UNSW Scholarships 2024 Funding Deadline
UNSW RTPI Scholarships $35000 September 22, 2023
Tuition Fee Scholarship Full tuition September 22, 2023
UNSW UIPA Scholarship $35000 September 22, 2023
Australia Awards Scholarships Fully funded Ongoing
CSC-UNSW scholarships Fully funded September 22, 2023
UNSW-HEC Pakistan Joint Scholarship HEC funded HEC dependent
Gostralia  Scholarships $35000 Gostralia dependent
Vietnam – Vingroup Scholarships Fully funded Vingroup dependent
UNSW / ANID Chile Joint Scholarship ANID funded ANID dependent



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