$94,200 Human Rights Scholarships 2024 in Australia

The Human Rights Scholarship, offered by the University of Melbourne, provides up to $94,200 for domestic and international students pursuing graduate research in human rights. This article details the scholarship’s benefits, eligibility criteria, application process, and key dates for those interested in applying to study in Australia.

So if you’re passionate about human rights and aspire to further your research in this crucial field, the Human Rights Scholarship at the University of Melbourne offers an incredible opportunity. This prestigious scholarship is open to both domestic and international students who are keen to pursue a graduate research degree in human rights.

Application Status: You Can Apply Now
Applications Close: October 31 2024
Benefit Amount: Up to $94,200
Eligible Study Level: Graduate research
Eligible Student Type: Australian/New Zealand and international students
Eligible Study Stage: New Students and Current Students
Benefit Duration: 1 or Multiple Years

Scholarship Benefits

The Human Rights Scholarship provides significant financial support to its recipients, ensuring they can focus on their research without financial stress. Here are the benefits in detail:

    • Living Allowance: $42,000 per year pro rata (2024 full-time study rate) for up to 2 years for Master by research degree students or up to 3.5 years for Doctoral degree students. This allowance may be indexed annually and includes limited paid sick, maternity, and parenting leave.
    • Full Fee Offset: Up to two years for Master by Research degree students or up to four years for Doctoral degree students.
    • Relocation Grant: $2,000 for students moving from other states or territories within Australia, and $3,000 for students relocating from outside Australia.
    • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC): Single Membership for international students who require a student visa to study in Australia.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

To be considered for this scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

    • Entry Requirements: You must have applied for and meet the entry requirements for a Master or Doctorate by research degree at the University of Melbourne.
    • Research Focus: You should intend to undertake graduate research in the field of human rights.
    • Commitment to Human Rights: A demonstrated commitment to the peaceful advancement of respect for human rights beyond academic studies, such as through voluntary work and/or work experience.
    • Prior Qualifications: You should not have already completed a research qualification at the same or higher level as the course for which the scholarship is sought.
    • Full-Time Study: Intention to study full-time unless there are compassionate or compelling circumstances that prevent full-time study.
    • Previous Recipients: You must not have previously received a Human Rights Scholarship.

Selection Criteria: Eligible applicants are selected based on academic merit, the relevance and commitment to human rights, and the strength of supporting documentation.

Application Process

To apply for the Human Rights Scholarship, you need to:

  1. Submit an Online Application:
  2. Application Period: Applications are open from 1 May 2024 to 31 October 2024.

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