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On, we employ cookies to enhance your browsing experience. These small text files are stored on your device to improve site functionality and user experience.

Purposes of Our Cookie Use:

  1. Preference Retention: Cookies enable us to remember your settings and preferences (such as login details and language choices), facilitating a more personalized web experience.
  2. Site Functionality: Essential for features like shopping carts, cookies ensure the website operates smoothly and efficiently.
  3. Performance and Analytics: We use anonymized data from cookies for analytics tools like Google Analytics. This helps us understand site usage, effectiveness, and areas for improvement.
  4. Advertising: Cookies assist in delivering ads that are relevant to your interests.

Your Choices Regarding Cookies: While cookies typically enhance your browsing, you have the option to disable them through your browser settings. Each browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) has distinct methods for managing cookies, generally found in their ‘Help’ or ‘Settings’ sections.

Google AdSense and DoubleClick Cookies: Our use of Google AdSense involves the DoubleClick Cookie, which helps in monitoring interactions with ads and our site as mentioned on our privacy policy page.

Further Guidance on Cookies: For comprehensive information on managing cookies in various browsers, visit the About Cookies website. This offers in-depth instructions for all major browsers.

Privacy and Security: Our cookies do not collect personal information like names or email addresses. They are aimed at enhancing your website experience and refining our services.

Policy Updates: We may occasionally update our cookie policy to reflect legal or website changes. Regular review of this policy is recommended.

Small data files that could get stored on your device are attributable to providing you with an improved and enhanced experience. The cookies on enable us to measure the performance of the site and to ensure that the user can find easily what they are looking for. We use Google Analytics as the third party to track the visitor’s information and about their last visit. The cookies help boost your browsing experience as the visitor of the site. You can even disable cookies on any of the web pages and even after you choose, not to allow cookies, you can still easily access the site. The settings of the browser can be changed accordingly, to prevent automatic acceptance of the cookies webpage.

By using, you consent to our cookie use as outlined in this policy. For any inquiries or concerns about our cookie practices, feel free to contact us.

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