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7 Steps to Enroll in a German University For Free in 2023

How to register yourself in a German University?

Studying in Germany is considered a dream come true for many international students. German Universities offer free education for all international students and with that the opportunity to apply for a fully funded DAAD Scholarship is on top of that, where candidates have a high chance of winning a full living and tuition fee support from the German Government.

When you get admission to a German academic institution then you also have to get yourself matriculated or enrolled in your desired course. This is necessary because it will help you to register for your courses at German University. Moreover, you will also be able to take lectures and give exams when you get enrolled at a German university. 

In order to get enrolled in a German higher education institution, you have to provide certain documents to the “Studentensekretariat” which is a student affairs office in the German university.

7 Steps to Enroll in a German University in 2023

Following is the list of documents needed by international students to register at a German University: This list of documents is also known as “Studentensekretariat”

    1. Must have a Passport 
    2. Admission letter from the university
    3. The proof of entrance qualification required by the university
    4. Passport size photos
    5. Your Health Insurance proof
    6. Proficiency certificate for the German language 
    7. Certificate of language proficiency in either English or German, entirely depending upon your course.  

Once you submit all the documents mentioned above to the student affairs office you will be issued the following documents in return.

    • An enrollment certificate which is an impermanent student ID
    • A payment slip will be emailed to you so you can pay the semester fee. 
    • When it will be confirmed that you have paid the semester fee then your original student ID will be posted to you. 
    • You will be given an electronic account on your student ID which will give you access to many things. Such as online course registration, course reading material, e-library, information, and access to internal services of the University. 

However, you have to keep in mind that, you have to register yourself every semester. This is because you have to submit the fee for every semester in order to get your ID card activated. 

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