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Can You Study for Free in Germany? [Answered]: How Much Money is need to Study in Germany? –

As Of 2022, International students will need €10,236 to study in Germany

To date, non-German students had to deposit the amount of €8,640 into their blocked bank account to get admission to the university to pursue higher degrees. But this has also got students to reject their visa applications. To avoid this situation the German government has changed the policy of amount in the blocked account and has increased the amount to €10,236 from January 2022 and this will be followed from 1 September 2022 for all visa applications.

How much does it cost to study in Germany?

As of 2022, International students will need €10,236 to study in Germany. According to our survey, from January 2022 onwards, international students have to deposit a certain amount of euros (10,236 euros) into a blocked German bank account, if they want to pursue higher education in Germany.

It is mandatory to provide proof of financial resources in order to get admission to the German university as well as for the residence permit. Moreover, the financial coverage must be enough to support for at least one year. Apart from this, there are other ways also by which you can provide the financial evidence at the application time but the most popular option is the money in block account for non-German students.

So, this means that the amount of money you can withdraw will be 853 euros covering your monthly expenses. Furthermore, it has also been stated that only the account holder has the order to block the account and no one else. As the block account is the special type of account containing the money that should be used by the students to fund their expenses of study and living in Germany. The blocked account should be opened before you arrive in Germany, but it is necessary to register yourself at a local residence authority before you access the account.

The amount of money one has to deposit in the block account is just an estimation made by a German government considering all the expenses one has to cover in a month. So, if you want to study in Germany then you must have an amount in the block account which could help you with your expenses until you find a way to earn the money.

Dr. Philip Morgan

We are delighted to have Philip in our team having expertise in DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) which is a German organization that offers scholarships to international students from developing countries. He publish guidelines that help students to learn how is it like to study at international Universities with complete application procedures.

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