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DAADscholarship.com provides essential details on international scholarships, internships, and various academic opportunities. Our aim is to assist students in applying for the scholarships they aspire to secure.

Terms of Use – daadscholarship.com

  1. Notice/Acceptance of Terms

The agreement contains the terms between the user and the daadscholarship.com which is the company. We present the latest scholarship ads and tenders which also include the SMS Messages and poetry prices and all of the notices have also been provided on the site https://daadscholarship.com. The agreement administers the usage of the site and the behavior of any visitor on the site. The user is advised to read and agree with all of the content within this agreement. Only after that condition that the user has acknowledged the greater part of all of the terms and conditions that are written in the agreement, the company will furnish the user along with the access to the site. By using our site, which also includes without any constraint any of the items or the administration which have been offered by the site, the user gives consent to all the terms and conditions of the agreement.


All of the terms and conditions of the DISCLAIMER are of general, and they might be supplemented by other disclaimers, main rules or guidelines.

The shared information by the Daadscholarship contains content about the scholarships and any other kind of training which is relevant to helping the students and the candidates looking for a career prospects.

All of the content shared on the site has been drafted by the editorial team for helping the people. The Daadscholarship group will not tolerate any site abuse or be spamming by any of the users and in case it is found the site will also block the account of that client.

Under any circumstances that the user encounters any deceptive substance then the user can reach us through our contact us page.

  1. Use of daadscholarship.com

Users are strictly prohibited from trying to utilize any of the deep links, robots and the scrapers of the pages which includes any kind of the mechanized programming strategies and gadgets as well, to duplicating, checking or getting to or regardless obtaining an area of Daadscholarship Site or replicating the Contents in that our Daadscholarship site, or in any situation to repeat or forge the site navigation or presentational body of the Daadscholarship Site. daadscholarship.com has all the right to question any such kind of question.

  1. Links to Scholarship Fellow and RSS Feed Terms

No one is allowed by our site for inserting any intermediate pages or any splash into the links and the feed of the RSS of the site can also be allowed for use only on the site which shows the main links directly. There is also no allowance for redirection linking to the site feed and the benefit of any other link to the site is also not permitted. The team of the scholarship has the right for discontinuing the RSS feed at any time without having any notice on the platform. Any misleading feed display is also not held by the daadscholarship.com and they contain all rights to file a dispute, in case, required.

Hyperlinking Terms: DAADScholarship.com Allowed Entities:

Certain organizations may hyperlink to our website without needing prior written consent:

  • Government agencies
  • Search engines
  • News organizations
  • Online directory distributors that hyperlink in the same way they do to other listed businesses
  • System-wide Accredited Businesses, except for soliciting non-profits, charity shopping malls, and charity fundraising groups

These entities are permitted to link to our homepage, publications, or other website content, as long as the link is not misleading, does not falsely suggest an endorsement or partnership with us, and fits within the context of the linker’s site.

Linking Guidelines: Organizations are welcome to link to our homepage, provided that the link:

  • Is not deceptive
  • Does not falsely imply our sponsorship, endorsement, or approval
  • Is appropriate for the context of the linking party’s site

Permission Request: Organizations listed above interested in linking to our site should notify us by email at DAADscholarship. Please provide your name, organization name, contact details, your website URL, the URLs you intend to link from, and the specific URLs on our site you plan to link to. We typically respond within 2-3 weeks.

Approved Linking Methods: Once authorized, organizations may hyperlink to our site using:

  • Our corporate name
  • The specific URL to which you are linking
  • An accurate description of our site that aligns with the content and format of your own site

Note: Using DAADscholarship logo or other artwork for linking is not allowed without a trademark license agreement.

  1. daadscholarship.com is Free to use

The primary focus of the site is to provide scholarships, internships and also guidelines to the students for having scholarships and giving them international opportunities for internship. Our mission also focuses on the mentoring of raw talent about worldwide opportunities and we also provide the scholarship-sponsored admission application samples and templates for free of cost to the young students.  Our site does not charge any cost to the new visitors for using any part of our site and our full site is totally free. Our site sometimes publishes educational services or some advertisements for the products, but we do not charge any payment from the users for buying any goods or services from ads. The advertisers giving ads for the scholarship schemes are liable for the payments which are collected by them on their own platform. daadscholarship.com board members do not allow any funds taken from any of the visitors to the site. The usage of the site is totally free.

  1. License

As per the Supplemental Agreement provided, our site gives the personal, limited and nontransferable license for displaying on the computer of the user for printing, downloading and using of the screen, audio clips and any other such features which are made available for the users on the site and all this is done under the condition that the user will not modify it or create any derivative of it, under any circumstances. Without having the limitation, the generality of the preceding, the user may not perform the following tasks:

  • Any inclusion of the features in or with any kind of products or services that the user has made or distributed.
  • Any inclusion of those contents on any other site.
  • Reproduction or duplication, selling or renting any kind of commercial portion of the site and giving access to the site to someone else.
  • Establishment of the hyperlinks of any of the page of the site other than the home page of the site and also the creation of the frame which contains any portion of the site.
  • The user may also not direct any other person to do any kind of forging.
  • The user must agree that he or she will not access the site other than the commercial web browser.

The user has the right to have the personal and limited license which is nontransferable for creating the hyperlink to the home page of the site on the following conditions:

  • The link or any web linking should not portray our site or any of our products or services in an offensive manner.
  • The connecting website of the user should comply with all of the regulatory laws and must not violate this agreement by any means.
  • The web site of the site should be reliable and it should maintain the privacy policy appropriately.
  • The user must not use any of our logos or trademarks without written permission from daadscholarship.com. Otherwise, our site has all the rights to revoke his or her license at any time to remove any such kind of hyperlinks.

Our site does not give a guarantee of the accuracy of the advertisement and columns which have been presented by the site and all of its services. Our site disclaims any warranty which also includes the implied warranty of the fitness of the merchant. daadscholarship.com highly disagrees with the verification of the service from their side that it will be free from all the errors, bias, and defects. Our site does not hold any responsibility regarding the quality and authentication of the material and information which are provided in the advertisement as the use of this site is done by accepting the terms and conditions given in the disclaimer or any other legal document. The user has agreed that if he or she is making any use of the advertisement or columns displayed on the site is purely at their own risk and we are not responsible for any damage and unfortunate things that happen.

  1. Violations of Terms of Service of Daadscholarship

If any of the users try to violate our rules or any user try to use our name for the collection of any funds and for using the scholarship fellow names, then the Daadscholarship has the right to file a dispute and sue the person legally. If any visitor uses any false and abusive comments on our site, then our support team will reserve all rights for terminating his or her account and block him permanently from our site.

  1. Modifications/Additions in our Terms:

Our term and conditions are totally up to date and amendments can be made with some additions or deletion of the rules with or without giving notice to our users.

8. Intellectual Property and Usage Rights on DAADscholarship

Content Ownership and Usage: All content on DAADscholarship is our intellectual property, except as specified. These rights are protected and reserved. You may use content from DAADscholarship for personal purposes, under the terms and conditions specified here. The following are not permitted:

  • Republishing material from DAADscholarship
  • Selling, renting, or sub-licensing material from DAADscholarship
  • Reproducing, duplicating, or copying material from DAADscholarship
  • Redistributing content from DAADscholarship

9. Comments and User Contributions:

Users are welcome to post opinions and information in designated areas of DAADscholarship. We do not pre-screen Comments; hence, they do not reflect our views or opinions. We bear no responsibility for Comments posted by users or any related liability, damages, or costs. We reserve the right to monitor and remove any Comments that violate these Terms and Conditions.

User Commitments and License Grant: When posting Comments, you confirm that:

  • You possess the rights, licenses, and consents to post the Comments.
  • The Comments do not violate any intellectual property rights, including copyright, patents, or trademarks of any third party.
  • The Comments are devoid of defamatory, libelous, offensive, or illegal material and do not infringe on privacy rights.
  • The Comments will not be used to promote business, illegal activities, or any commercial endorsements.

By posting Comments, you grant DAADscholarship a non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, edit, and allow others to use, reproduce, and edit your Comments in any and all forms, formats, or media.

10. Content Liability Statement for DAADScholarship.com

Content Responsibility: We at DAADScholarship.com are not responsible for any content appearing on your website. By agreeing to these terms, you hold us harmless from any claims that may arise due to your website. Your website should not include links that could be interpreted as libelous, obscene, criminal, or infringing upon third-party rights, including any form of infringement or encouragement of infringement.

Rights Reservation and Link Removal:

  • Rights Reservation: We reserve the right to request the removal of any or all links to Fully-fundedScholarship.com. If requested, you agree to promptly remove such links. We also reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions and our linking policy at any time. By continuing to link to our website, you agree to be bound by these revised terms and conditions.
  • Request for Link Removal from Our Site: If you find any link on our Website objectionable for any reason, you are free to contact and inform us. We will consider requests to remove links but are not obligated to do so or to respond directly to you.

We do not assure the accuracy, completeness, or availability of information on our website, nor do we commit to ensuring that the website remains available or that the material on the website is kept up to date and feel free to read our privacy policy.

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