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  • 10 Best Laptops for College Students in 2023

    10 Best Laptops Suitable for Students in 2023

    In this article, you are going to get your eyes on the top 10 Laptops suitable for Students in 2023. In the 21st century, the use of technological features and devices has evolved into a daily routine. Computers and laptops are today some of the most common things to possess. Who could predict this only 20 to 30 years ago?…

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  • Cost of Living in Germany - Daad Scholarships

    Student’s Cost of living in Germany Analysis: 2022 Report

    We carried out an analysis of the cost of living in Germany for an international student and here in this article, we share our analysis. Many students are considering studying abroad nowadays and the main problem they are facing is the problem of expenses. When considering living in a European country at an affordable rate, Germany is the best option…

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  • Germany Culture, tradition, and life in Germany

    Germany Culture: Facts, Customs, and Traditions

    Germany has a very rich culture. Its language, traditions, and people make the culture unique. Moreover, Germany has played a crucial role in European history. Additionally, Germany is well known due to the place of thinkers and poets. The culture of Germany has been molded throughout history as a crucial portion of The Holy Roman Empire. And later, it has…

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  • Student Dormitory VS Living Off campus

    University Dormitory VS Off Campus Accommodation in Berlin

    Student accommodations in Universities of Berlin are allotted away from “Studentenwerk Berlin”. For residence, you can apply directly to the university or at the “Studentenwerk”. The international student office of the University will notify you about available slots in the dormitory and once you receive the acceptance letter from them, then you can move into the dormitory. There are nearly…

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