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University Dormitory VS Off Campus Accommodation in Berlin

Student Life in Berlin Germany

Student accommodations in Universities of Berlin are allotted away from “Studentenwerk Berlin”. For residence, you can apply directly to the university or at the “Studentenwerk”. The international student office of the University will notify you about available slots in the dormitory and once you receive the acceptance letter from them, then you can move into the dormitory.

There are nearly more than 30 residence places for students in Berlin at different districts. Your place of residence depends upon the university you are studying in Berlin. This is because someplace of residence will suit you and some will not as you have to have accommodation near the university.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, so as the student residence which is as follows.

Advantages of the University Dormitory in Berlin?

  • International students usually get the place of accommodation easily.
  • Accommodation places are always near to the university.
  • You get to meet new people, make new connections.

Disadvantages of the University Dormitory in Berlin?

  • The rooms are small and not well furnished.
  • Loud place because student residences are used for parties and meeting points.
  • You have to share a kitchen and bathroom with other people.

What are other options for residence in Berlin?

So, after looking at the advantages and disadvantages of the student residence places in Berlin, if you do not want to live there then there are other options as well. You can always book a private room from a website You can probably get private rooms easily as many students in Berlin rent their rooms when they go there for a limited period of time. However, you can have a private room for the whole duration of the study. It can be near to the university or center of the city, whichever place you like that is quiet. Moreover, the people who give you the room often want to meet the person before they handover the room keys. This can also be done through skype.

People like to have different options about how their residence should be. Some people like to cook and party together. Some people like to live separate and sharing a flat with others. So, you should make a decision about whatever you want.

The following are some of the pros and cons of living outside University dormitory in Berlin:

Advantages of living outside the University Dormitory in Berlin

  • The place is quiet and bigger than most of the student residence places.
  • Your roommates can become your good friends.
  • It is your own decision to choose the location of the residence, you can also move to the center of the city.

Disadvantages of living outside the University Dormitory in Berlin

  • The room can be far away from the location of the university.
  • Private rooms are more costly than student residence places.
  • It is usually difficult to live with people with whom you can’t get along.

So, in the end, you have to decide where to live and which one is better for you i.e student residence or private room. It also happens sometimes that you don’t get a place at the student residence because of which you have to find a private room. Sometimes, it is also possible that students are living alone in their home university and they want to have different living styles in the university abroad, so they prefer living in groups sharing everything together.

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