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10 Best Laptops Suitable for Students in 2023

In this article, you are going to get your eyes on the top 10 Laptops suitable for Students in 2023. In the 21st century, the use of technological features and devices has evolved into a daily routine. Computers and laptops are today some of the most common things to possess. Who could predict this only 20 to 30 years ago? People kept progressing and came to the point we are in, at the moment. Some of the top essay writing reviews online can show us how the utilization of technology has become completely fine.

List of Best Notebook Computers for Students in 2023

As the Internet stands out and finds its place among the stars, all the laptop and PC manufacturers have reached a high spot in the market. As trading of such devices is now like a habit, let’s see what are the best 10 notebooks you can buy online in 2022 for college students and in general.


#1 MacBook

Students like to be fashionable and follow trends. Apple company has established itself as one of the most promising companies in recent history. That is the reason why students like to buy their products such as iPhones, iPods, and also laptops. A MacBook is every student’s dream, especially for the ones whose studies are related to programming and requires working on a high-quality PC or a laptop. It is always a good choice to buy but it is not a cheap investment though. Its prices can vary from $800 to $1400, depending on the specifications you select.

#2 Google Pixelbook Go

Another laptop that can be useful for college students is a Google Pixelbook Go. It is a laptop that has a transmissible touchscreen to offer and it’s designed by a Google company. It has an operating system of Chrome attached. The biggest concern for buying laptops is their battery lifespan. This laptop can provide an excellent one and that is why you should consider buying it. The battery is often the problem but with this device, your worries will disappear. The usual price of google Pixelbook go today can be found for approximately $650.

#3 HP Chromebooks

One of the cheaper pieces of laptops that students can purchase is HP Chromebook. It has numerous series launched so the customers can pick the ones that suit their demands the most. The operating system of these devices is usually Linux-based and the students should be using them to work on multiple tasks. It can be found online for about $250 which cannot be considered an expensive purchase for a laptop. This is typically the price for HP Chromebook 14 version which has a little bit worse specification but still can satisfy all your needs.

#4 Microsoft Surface Go

As Microsoft applies to one of the most popular corporations in the area of computers and laptops, it is always a good recommendation. Their Surface Go series can be truly effective for college students. Do you know why? Well, perhaps because it is affordable and can run a full Windows 10. The newest version of these laptops is Surface Go 2 that can also be a good option for you. The price is variable but can be found in the region of $400-$500.

#5 Acer Spin 5

Acer Spin 5 is a comfortable and small-size piece of laptop. It is recommended for students who like to work on a laptop instead of playing games. Its 13.5 inches screen and a high resolution of 2256×1504 are more than enough quality to spend a working day on it. It has a phenomenal battery lifespan which is also the reason to purchase it. The storage of Acer Spin 5 is commonly SSD of 256 or 512 GB.

#6 HP Envy 13

Another great piece of the laptops made by HP company is the HP Envy 13. There are multiple versions of it and all of them can support the newest Windows 10 updates. Its approximate battery lifespan is about 11 hours, according to experts. It has fast performance and availability of watching videos in 4K resolution. It is a good combination of performance and longevity.

#7 Dell XPS 13

One of the more expensive laptops beneficial for students is XPS 13 by the Dell company. It supports processors of i3 to i7 versions, depending on the customers’ requirements. Its sympathetic 13.4 inches screen will be perfect for you if you don’t prefer looking at it from a far distance. The display is near-bezel less on each side which is one of the few on the entire planet. However, its brilliant appearance and effectiveness are going to cost you not less than $1400.

#8 Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Generation 8)

A ThinkPad X1 series is a series of laptops created by Lenovo company which is highly appreciated in the world of computers generally. A ThinkPad X1 Carbon has many generations and has been developed throughout the years. The 8th generation of this device is a premium mainstream piece of it and for the students, it would be a good fit surely. Its price is about $1000, more or less. For gaming lovers, this laptop would be a perfect choice as its black-red keyboard reflects its full magnificence of it.

#9 Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2 In 1

This laptop has the 10th generation of i5 to i7 processors installed which will ensure a smooth performance of your machine. It can be bought for less than $700. The biggest reasons why you should consider buying it are its premium design and versatility. But something that can concern you is the fact that it possesses a huge battery drain while putting it in 4K resolution. However, its speakers are of the highest quality so listening to music will be a joy for you.

#10 Asus Zenbook 13 (UX325 EA)

This is an ultraportable piece of a technological device perfect for college students. The first thing you will immediately notice is it’s lightweight. You will be feeling like you are carrying a bag of groceries from the store. This version has an SSD Memory of 1TB which will get its performance to the maximum. Also, it can provide the optimum typing position which is perfect for students who like writing. An enhanced cooling system is an additional feature that will make sure your laptop never gets overheated.


The use of computers is a phenomenal thing that can improve students’ studying. Through them, they can learn faster and avoid reading little and irrelevant information which is often the case in college classes. At the end of the day, it is up to you which one you will buy. Of course, it depends on the budget you have at your disposal and not just your wishes. We tried to select only a dozen notebooks that can be useful for you this year. The choice is yours!

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