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German Scholarships & Admissions for Indians 2022: Study Requirements in Germany for Indian Students

Study in Germany for Indian National's

Germany provides so many benefits and opportunities to Indian students. This is because Germany has a great economy and the top-ranked educational institutions; that provide quality education in the world. Moreover, Germany has many funding opportunities for students, best research facilities, curriculums that are award-winning, a community of students that is very diverse and a lifestyle that is very unique providing you with the best experience of studying in an international country.

Because of the rich culture of Germany, it attracts people from all around the world who want to excel in academics and research. Fortunately, many Indian students also want to be among those who want to have good research and academic experience.

According to the recent statistics, it has come to know that in the year 2019/18, 19,850 students belonging to India were studying in Germany. Moreover, it has also come to know that Indian students are among the third-largest cluster of non-German students studying in Germany.

However, many Indian students still find it very difficult to apply for the study program in Germany. For this purpose, we have written this article, to guide the students in India about the procedure of applying to Germany universities for admission.

Course Selection Options for Indian Students in German Universities

Germany offers a wide range of courses to study from different reputed institutions. It has been observed that more than 17,000 courses are educated to students in 380 universities in Germany. So, choosing a course to study in Germany is not difficult until you have defined goals. The first thing you have to do is an Indian student is, to choose the course of your interest.

You can search the courses online and can look up to the universities offering such courses. However, this could be a very time-consuming process. For this purpose, we recommend that you should visit a database of different universities which are in Germany so you can have all the information in one place.

After getting all the information about the relevant course and the universities offering it, make a complete list of those universities. Moreover, this will also help you in the future to make the best decision for yourself.

Admission Requirements of German Universities for Indian Students

Once you have chosen the universities and desired course check the application requirements for the universities. However, to get all the information about admissions, visit the websites of the universities, and check the requirements. Start preparing documents to meet the admission requirements. Moreover, if you don’t understand anything then do ask questions by email from the respective university, they will guide you efficiently.

Keep in mind, that admission requirements for Indian students vary in different universities in Germany. However, the following necessary documents are needed to be submitted for a bachelor’s degree

    • Entrance Qualification
    • Language Proficiency proof
    • Passport or ID Copies
    • Transcript of Grades from previous institutions
    • Motivation Letter

For a bachelor’s degree always keep in mind that you will hardly find any course which will be offered in English. So, for that purpose, you need to give German language proficiency proof. Moreover, if you are applying for a master’s course and haven’t studied a one-year master’s course in India then you have to complete the preparatory course first. However, if you are wanting to study a master course in Germany then the following documents are needed for admission application:

    • Bachelor Degree
    • Language Proficiency proof
    • Letter of Motivation
    • Transcript of Grades
    • References
    • Work Experience (if required)

What is the Application Process for Indian Nationals to apply to German Universities?

Once you have collected all the documents necessary for the admission application, now you can submit your application. You can submit the application online, in person or by post. However, most of the universities in Germany carry out the application process online but some universities take the application in person or by post.

Universities in Germany allows you to submit online application through UniAssist platform. Moreover, some universities also have their own platforms on which you can submit the application online. Additionally, you have to submit documents in the JPG or PDF format.

How Indian Can Get the University Admission Letter in Germany?

After all the documents have been submitted successfully, wait for the application feedback from the university. Be patient, as the universities have a lot of applications to review and it may take time to get a verdict from the university. However, during the normal conditions, universities take several weeks to inform about the admission confirmation through email.

How an Indian can obtain German Study VISA?

You have to get a student visa in order to study in the country of Germany. The day you get the admission letter make sure to take a print of it and visit the German embassy in your country. There you will be guided about all the documents you need to provide and procedure you have to follow.

The following are the documents you need to provide as an Indian student while applying for a German Student Visa:

    • Admission Letter from University
    • Health Insurance Coverage Proof
    • Financial Resources Proof
    • Certificate of language proficiency
    • Entrance Qualification Proof

However, the utmost important document you have to provide is the confirmation of a blocked account. This will show the proof of your financial resources to cover living and study expenses in Germany for the duration of one year.

Accommodation Options for Indian Students in Germany

Once you get your student visa to make sure you start searching for places for your living in Germany. You can get all the information on the internet, but we recommend that you find the place upon your entrance to Germany. This is because you will have accurate information about the rent of accommodation places depending upon your requirements.

Moreover, we suggest that you must find a place of accommodation to share with someone as it will be more affordable. And as a foreign student, you will also make some good friends in a foreign country. However, if you have no contacts in Germany you can always join some online forums of different Indian people living in Germany and find someone who can share the apartment.

Keep in mind that you have to register your address from the local authorities in Germany. This is also important in this regard that you will not be able to enroll in the course until you have the registered copy of the address.

Benefits of Studying in Germany for Indian Students

Financial resources are very important as they will cover your living and study expenses in Germany. You can give proof of your financial resources through the blocked account. However, as an Indian student, you have to submit €8,700 to your blocked account as a financial resource proof to the German embassy. Moreover, this money is supposed to cover your expenses for a period of one year.

Germany provides many funding opportunities to students such as different student loans and scholarships. So, if you are a talented student don’t waste your time and apply for a study course in Germany.

Another way by which Indian students can cover their expenses in Germany is by working part-time. Germany is one of the countries which let international students do the job for 20 hours in one week.

Some universities in Germany charge fees from international students. But this fee is very low and Indian students can easily afford it. So, you don’t have to be worried about the fees at all as they are very minimal and you can easily afford it.

Some Facts about Indians Studying in Germany

According to the recent survey, there are 17,570 international students belonging to India are studying in Germany. Being the third-largest cluster of foreign students in Germany among Turkish and Chinese students. However, 13,029 are the men belonging to India who are studying in Germany and 4,541 are women.

Furthermore, the famous courses among Indian students in Germany include Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, Law and Economics. However, the most popular course is engineering in which 12,188 students belonging to India are studying.

Popular German Universities for Indian Students

The following is the list of popular universities in Germany among the Indian Students:

    • TU Chemnitz
    • RWTH Achen
    • University of Magdeburg
    • University of Duisburg-Essen
    • Freie Universität Berlin
    • FH Rhein-Waal
    • TU Darmstadt
    • TU Munchen
    • University of Stuttgart
    • TU Dresden
    • TU Kaiserslautern

However, if you want to study in any of the universities in Germany then you should meet the entrance requirements of the university and must have a valid visa.

German University Admission Requirements for Indian Students

Whenever you decide to apply to a German university it should be noted that you meet all the entry requirements for the specific course in a specific university. You can have all the information about entry requirements from the website of the particular university.

However, if you don’t understand anything in the application procedure written on the website make sure to contact the university. It is best to make contact with university professionals because minor mistakes in admission applications can cause you a rejection.

It should be kept in mind that if you are applying to multiple universities then you may experience that entry requirements for different universities are different. So, it may be hard for you to come up with a single list of documents to apply to all universities. However, following we have listed the documents which are definitely required from international Indian students.

  • Previous Qualifications

The very first thing a university is interested in is your previous qualifications. It is needed by the university so that they can evaluate your performance to make a decision that whether you are fit to study the course or not. Moreover, it is an important document needed by the university for admission purposes.

It is of great concern that some foreign qualifications are not recognized in Germany. So, for this purpose, German universities need your previous qualification document to know whether you need a preparatory course or not.

  • Grades Transcript

Grades are the thing that separates you from the rest of the students and it should be noted that they play a major role in your admission. Moreover, the grade transcript completely shows the strengths and weaknesses of the student.

German universities, of course, wants your Transcript of grades in order to look at your strengths and compare you with other students. For example, if you are applying for a natural sciences course then the admission board will look into your transcript and will make the decision based on your scores in the subjects of the natural sciences. So, never think that your grades are not worth it, as they are the key to getting admission to a foreign university.

  • Language Proficiency Certificate

Being an Indian student, you have to provide proof of language proficiency in order to have admission to the German university. For this purpose, you have to submit the certificates of language proficiency with desired results. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that the undergraduate program is offered in the German language in Germany for which you have to submit the German language proficiency certificate. However, for English taught programs which are mostly postgraduate courses, you are supposed to submit an English language proficiency certificate.

  • Standardized Tests

Apart from the language proficiency certificates, you may need to provide other international certificates to the universities depending on their requirements. For example, if you are applying for an MBA course then it is possible, that you have to provide GRE or GMAT test results. Moreover, these tests play an important role when you are applying to a highly reputed institution and the university has many applications to go through.

  • Motivation Letter or Recommendation Letter

The letter of motivation and reference letters play an important role in getting your admission to the university. The motivation letter helps the university professional to know what has motivated you to study a particular course at their university. However, recommendation letters from your professors help the officials to know more about you from the opinion of others.

  • CV or Resume

A CV is required at all stages whether you are applying for the job or admission to the university. German universities need your CV to have a quick look at your skillset and academic achievements. So, always try to make a good and attractive CV.

  • ID documents

Your identity documents are also needed by the universities. It includes the passport or your national identity card usually in PDF or JPG format

  • Withdrawal Certificate

If you were a student at the German university before and withdrawn from the studies then you must also provide the withdrawal certificate in addition to the other documents for admission purposes.

Requirements for Germany Study Visa for Indian Students

Visa is necessary to get before you arrive in Germany as an Indian student. However, in order to get a student visa for Germany, you must have an admission letter from the desired university.

Following is the list of documents you have to provide while applying for a German student visa at the German consulate or embassy.

  • Admission letter from any German University

You have to provide a letter of admission from the particular university to the German embassy. It should be a printout of an email by which you were notified that you got admission in the university.

  • University Entrance Qualification

As mentioned above, your academic qualification plays an important role in getting admission and visa. It can be provided in the form of certificates such as a high school certificate from India showing that you obtained the education from a reputed institution. However, if you do not meet the criteria of the German education system then you have to take a preparatory course before getting enrolled in the university.

  • Proof of Financial Resources

For getting a student visa you must provide financial resources proof. This can be done in many ways but the most popular is the blocked account idea. For this purpose, you must have €8,700 in your possession to cover living expenses in Germany.

  • Health Insurance Coverage

For Indian students, it is mandatory to have health care insurance. This is required to cover your medical needs in emergency situations. Moreover, you have to get insurance before getting enrolled in university.

  • Health Insurance

Most of the students belonging to India in Germany prefer to have DR-WALTER insurance. However, EDUCARE24 by DR-WALTER is opted by the following people

      1. Language students, exchange students, and the students partaking in preparatory courses.
      2. Exchange programmes partners such as students under DAAD, ERASMUS and SOKRATES.
      3. Trainees
      4. People who have their family with them in Germany
  • Certificate of Language Proficiency

You have t provide the language proficiency proof to the embassy in order to get a visa. This depends upon the language your course will be taught. However, the embassy approves those people who have efficiency in English or German language.

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