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Inviting Family Member to Germany on Family Reunion, Spouse or Child VISA

How to invite Spouse or Family Member to Germany on different German VISA Types?

Studying in Germany under German Scholarship or free tuition fee offering University is a dream for many international students. In many instances, some married international students may also wants to bring their spouse or any other family member with them to Germany during the course of their study. Therefore, we researched and present you with this article that provides verified information on the matter of bringing your loved ones to Germany while you are studying in Germany on a student VISA.

Bringing Your Family to Germany on a Student Visa is no more a mystery

Being an international student you can take your family with you in Germany. However, this is allowed only for the duration of your study. But you have to keep this in mind that there are some requirements which you have to fulfill. 

Family Reunion German Visa 

To bring your family to Germany your family needs to have a German visa. This visa is basically a type of resident permit which allows your family members belonging to a non-European country, to stay with you. Moreover, this visa is only valid until the completion of your study as you are also studying in Germany on Aufenthaltserlaubnis which is a residence permit in Germany for study purposes.

Who needs a German Family Reunion VISA?

Members of your family who have a nationality of some non-EU/EEA country need a German family reunion visa. This is given only when you are studying in Germany on a student visa and some of your family members want to join you there. Moreover, this visa is provided by the German consulate or embassy in the country they belong to. 

Eligible Family Members who can apply for a German Family Reunion VISA:

The family members who can join you in Germany while you are studying there on the German study VISA are as follows:

  • Minor child
  • Parents
  • Spouse (either a husband or wife)

Preconditions to apply for Family Reunion VISA for Germany

There are some preconditions which are needed to be followed if you want to bring your family member in Germany while you are studying there. These preconditions are listed as follows

  • In order to bring any of your family members to Germany, you must show proof of financial resources. Moreover, these financial resources must be enough to cover the expenses of living. Additionally, the amount of money should be enough to cover expenses during the entire stay duration, so you don’t have to depend upon the public funds in Germany. 
  • You must have a sufficient living place in Germany so that you can accommodate the family members coming from your home country. 
  • If you want to bring your spouse to Germany, then you must have a marriage certificate before you get the German Student visa. 
  • It is necessary to register the relationship with your joining family member who has the same sex as yours. Moreover, this should be done before you get a German student visa.
  • There are some age requirements which are needed to be followed while you are applying for family visa. Your family member must be over 18 years of age while applying for a visa. However, if your parent is applying for a visa then you must be a child, seeking protection. Additionally, if your child wants to join you in Germany then he must be less than 16 years of age and must be proficient in the German language. 
  • The spouse joining you in Germany on a family reunion visa must have a good command on the German language. Moreover, this should be proved with a language certificate equal to CEFR A1 level. Apart from this, if your child is joining you in Germany aged between 16 to 18, then he must have command on the German language equal to the CEFR C1 level. 
  • You can bring your parent to Germany only if you are a minor and needs protection. However, if your child is coming to Germany to live with you then he must live with you in the same house and not in the other house of some other family member in Germany. 
  • Your family members can join you in Germany only if you have a resident permit of Germany for study, lasting for the duration of one year at least.
  • This should be kept in mind that your child joining you in Germany should not be divorced, married or widowed. 
  • Moreover, you must have a custody right of the child who will be joining you in Germany.  

Step by Step Procedure to apply for Family VISA in Germany

You can apply for a German Family Reunion visa in two ways:

#1 German Family Visa application from abroad

In order to bring your family member to Germany on the family visa, you need to submit an application to the German embassy. This visa application should be written to the German consular service of your home country. Moreover, if you are applying from abroad then you have to take an appointment from the official web page. 

You have to provide all the documents to the German consulate on your appointment day in their demanded format and quality. Moreover, you also have to sit in an interview which will be conducted by the German consulate. In this interview, you will be asked the reason for your application and personal questions. However, you may also be asked to provide additional documents after the interview. 

#2 German Residence Permit Application on Family Basis 

In order to get a residence permit for a family member, you have to do certain things. Such as you have to get your permanent residence within 3 months of your arrival in Germany. Then you have to get your residence permit from German Foreigner’s Authority in any of the districts you are residing in. 

Once you get your residence permit and permanent place of residence then you can apply for a family member resident permit. This can be done by placing an application with all needed documents including the proof of your permanent residence. 

German Family Reunion Visa Requirements

Following documents are needed to be provided while applying for German family reunion visa

  • You have to provide two forms of German Visa Application which should be filled completely. Moreover, a family member must sign these forms. However, there is an exception for children as the parents can sign on their behalf.
  • The family member must sign the two security questioners. This is the approval of an applicant to get their documents tested by the German authorities.
  • Two applicant declaration forms signed by the family member should also be provided. These are necessary to confirm that the information provided is true or not.
  • The family member applying for a German family VISA must have a valid passport. Moreover, you have to provide the 2 to 3 photocopies of the ID page of a passport, pages of resident/visa permits, and stamps of entry and exists.
  • The joining relative photographs which should be 2-4 in number.
  • Your two passport copies. They must contain the entry and exit stamps and your residence permits.
  • Your German residence permits two photocopies.
  • A cover letter, written by the family member. It should explain the purpose of the visit and the time duration of the stay.
  • You have to provide the residency proof in Germany. This can be provided by any of the following things
  • “Meldebestätigung” which is the registration certificate showing the place of your residence. Moreover, it should be provided to you within the last 6 months.
  • You must provide a rental contract that will give proof of your residence.
  • If your family member needs health insurance while traveling then it should be availed and proof of it must be given. However, it should cover insurance of 90 days in Germany.
  • Copy of Email confirming the visa appointment and should also have a booking code.
  • Germany Family Visa Reunion application fee for adult is EURO 75 and for kids EURO 37.5

Germany Spouse VISA Procedure and required documents

The invitation letter from the person studying in German institute with the stamp or verification of their institute is required to be submitted with German Spouse VISA application by the spouse to their country’s German embassy.

Following documents are needed to be provided when your spouse wants to join you in Germany:

  • Previous marriage proof of yourself or your partner
  • Decree
  • Divorce judgment
  • Your relationship proof with your spouse. For that, you need to provide
  • Certificate of marriage if the joining member is your spouse.
  • Certificate of a partnership if your partner is of same-sex as yours and is registered.
  • Certificates showing the aptitude of your spouse in academics (if applicable).
  • Documents showing the age and identity of the spouse
  • Matriculation certificate
  • Certificate of school leaving
  • Birth certificate
  • Language certificates proving the efficiency of your spouse in the German language
  • Telc Deutch A1
  • Goethe-Zertifikat A1
  • Any other recognized certificate
  • Your spouse residence proof in the country of residence
  • Voter’s ID
  • National ID card
  • Wedding photographs (if required)

German Child VISA application Process and required documents

The invitation letter from the person studying in German institute with the stamp or verification of their institute is required to be submitted with a German Child VISA application by their family member to their country’s German embassy.

Following document are required when you want to bring your child with you in Germany.

  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Adoption certificate (if applicable)
  • Certificate proving you as the legal guardian of the child.
  • Registration number from the hospital at which your child was born. (if required)
  • Certificate showing the custody rights on your child if you are divorced. This includes
  • Custody decree
  • Order of custody in the divorce decree
  • Vaterschaftsanerkennungwhich is a certificate showing recognition of paternity.
  • Consent letter from the other parent.
  • Consent letter from you.
  • Certificate of matriculation of the child. This should be obtained not more than 14 days before the date of application.
  • School certificates
  • Nursery records
  • Contact details and names of educational institutions
  • Marriage certificate of yourself
  • Partnership certificate of yourself (if applicable)
  • Decree and divorce certificate (if applicable)
  • Former partner certificate of death. (if applicable)
  • Language certificates proving the efficiency of your child in the German language
  • CEFR- C1 level for children between the age of 16-18
  • Your pictures with your child (old ones).
  • Contact information of the child’s’ other family members.

Parent documents required to apply for German Child VISA

If you want to bring your parent with you to Germany then the following documents should be provided

  • Your birth certificate
  • Adoption certificate (if required)
  • Paternity certificate
  • Your parent’s marriage certificate
  • Custody rights proofs
  • sole custody rights
  • joint custody rights
  • Your parent birth certificate
  • Certificate of matriculation of the parent
  • Certificate of school leaving of the parent
  • The national ID card of the parent
  • Voter’s ID of the parent (if required)

It must be taken into consideration that the documents which are provided to the embassy should be German translated. Moreover, the documents must have the seal or some confirmation that they are authentic. However, the German Family Reunion Visa takes time of 6-8 weeks to get processed and verified by the Foreigner’s Authority in Germany. 

How much time it will take to obtain a German Family Reunion VISA?

It usually takes a duration of 3 months for the German Family Reunion Visa to get processed by the authorities.  

The application cost for German Family Reunion Visa is 75 (adults)

It usually costs 75€ for adults and 37.5€ for minors to apply for German Family Reunion Visa. Moreover, if you want to have a residence permit for a family member in Germany then it may cost you 56-100€ for adults and 28-50€ for minors. While if you are a Turkish national then you have to pay 28.8€ only. Additionally, if you want to extend the Family Reunion Visa then it will cost 49-96€ for adults and 24.5-48 for children.

Can family members on Family Reunion VISA work in Germany?

Of course, your family members can always work in Germany if they are having the qualification and meet the age criteria for a job. 

German Family Reunion Residence Permit extension 

You can extend the family reunion residence permit but for that, you have to apply for it, 4-6 weeks before the expiration of the existing German Residence Permit. 

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