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Germany became third most attractive Study Destination – 2020 Report

Germany - Third Most Attractive Study Destination

According to the recent study of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Germany is one of those European countries which attracts the high number of foreign students and entrepreneurs.

In today’s competitive world, the aptitude of attracting qualified people from around the world puts a significant effect on the economy of the country. In this regard, OECD has conducted a survey to know what factors measure the attractiveness of its member states. The survey focuses on the three classes of skilled foreigners i.e International students, highly competent workers, and young entrepreneurs. Additionally, this classification was done because some problems were not applicable to all.

According to the finding of the report, Germany is the third most attractive country in the world for international students among other countries such as the United States, Finland, Switzerland, and Norway.

The reason Germany attracts a large number of students from around the world is that it is affordable in terms of study and living. According to the rules of the German government in 2014, the majority of German universities do not charge tuition fees from foreign students which makes it highly affordable for international students to live and study in Germany.

Additionally, there is a very flexible visa policy for international students which motivates the foreign students to pursue higher studies in Germany. This was one of the reasons that Germany was ranked with a higher score by the OECD survey.

Furthermore, the affordable living costs in Germany makes it worth living as it is most affordable as compared to other European countries. Additionally, Germany provides good job opportunities to international students which makes it worth living in.

To date, Germany is in the list of popular study destinations in the world with great number of international enrollment. In 2017 Germany reached its highest enrollment of 350,000 students which was three years prior to the planning. Lastly, according to the official statistics, the number of foreign students has grown to 380,000 until the winter semester 2017/18. So, if you are considering to study abroad then Germany is the best option you have.

Dr. Philip Morgan

We are delighted to have Philip in our team having expertise in DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) which is a German organization that offers scholarships to international students from developing countries. He publish guidelines that help students to learn how is it like to study at international Universities with complete application procedures.

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