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Motivation Letter for German Scholarships and Admissions: Blueprint for Writing a Letter of Motivation for Scholarships in Germany

How to Write a Letter of Motivation to apply for admission in German University?

Germany has become an appealing education hub for students all over the world. There are undoubtedly many factors giving Germany the extra edge in the world of higher educations. Higher education in Germany is undeniably better than many countries in the developed world. It offers a large number of highly ranked universities offering admissions to international students and scholarships in numerous degree programs.

Graduates of these German institutions generally enjoy employment opportunities in the world’s most reputable organizations. Germany itself is Europe’s heaviest economy and the fourth-largest economy in the world. Many of the world’s leading corporations are based in Germany. Yes! Volkswagen, BMW, Siemens, Porsche, and Infineon Technologies are Germany based establishments.

According to the official data of 2018, Germany has 300 public universities to offer. A big chunk of these public universities are ranked at the top in world rankings. It is home to many of the world’s best law, engineering, medicine, and art universities. Unquestionably, German institutions enjoy such rankings because of the research and quality of education they offer.

Besides, Germany has a rich culture and a stretched history. Its society is a compound of conventional German culture and modern ethos. It’s a way of living, rich cultural heritage and traditions attract people of all nations. In addition to educational and career opportunities, these realities let the students enjoy every moment of time they spend in this country.

The latest data tells us that over 4 million students came to Germany in 2018-19, and the number is rapidly increasing. This is also mainly due to the fact that high-ranking universities all over the world are charging unaffordable fees. Hence, not giving deserving students a fair chance. At the very same time, all public universities in Germany offer free courses. Yes! No tuition fee at all. Germany passed a law in 2014 making tuition fees zero for all international students in public universities. Foreign students are only asked to pay some administrative expenses and utilities.

How to Write a Motivation Letter to apply for DAAD Scholarship?

Germany is your higher studies destination, but to get the desired scholarship you have to write a letter of motivation, also commonly known as the statement of purpose (SOP). DAAD Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships of Germany and if you wish to apply for it then you need to write a Motivation letter as well. The letter of motivation plays a significant part in the selection procedure. Despite knowing its importance, the students however poorly perform in this part of the process.

At the same time, no worries! This article is specially formulated to give you the blueprint you need to write a successful letter of motivation. Hence, the motivation letter after getting the key tips from this article is surely going to be a masterpiece.

Every aspirant as a beginner makes one mistake, i.e., rushing into the admission/scholarship application process. You need to give the process a reasonable time. It is not a task to be done in one evening. Remember, every day you wake up with different ideas, and the letter of motivation deserves the best of those. In short, working hastily will only beget disappointment.

What to include in a Motivation Letter?

#1 Motivation Letter is not a CV (State Clear Objective of intended Research)

Your letter of motivation is not your CV. It as an introduction of yourself and a list of reasons to persuade the authorities that you are the most eligible applicant for the scholarship. It is a detail of your interest in the particular field and your motivation behind applying for the program. Your letter of motivation manifests your objectives and plans you have regarding studying a particular field and in a particular country.

#2 Add justifications on questions relevant to the scope of research, study, and career

Your letter of motivation is a collection of answers to a set of questions. Answering these questions effectively is the way to getting your dream scholarship. The most fundamental question you have to answer is, what is your professional aspiration? What area or field are you willing to work in after your post-graduation? Another common question to answer is, how will you work for the social, political, economic, and technological development of your home country? Furthermore, why have you chosen a specific program for your masters? And, what part of the program attracts you the most? Likewise, what makes you a perfect fit for this program?

#3 Include educational and professional competencies

Further, adding details about the education and competencies you have gathered in different fields is useful. A brief account of applicable experience, if any, must be included. Moreover, a note on extracurricular activities you have been interested in can increase the worth of the letter.

#4 Define your personality

Also, you have to define your personality in expressive worlds. Do you see yourself as a team leader? Do you think you can bring a reasonable change? If yes, then why? Most importantly, you have to be realistic while answering these questions.

#5 Provide Reasoning on Why you wish to Study Abroad?

Another set of critical questions you need to meritoriously answer is, why do you choose Germany? What knowledge do you have about the German education system? What difference do you find between the education systems of your home country and Germany? To effectively answer these questions, appropriate research is required. If any of your friends or members of family studies in Germany, asking their view can help.

Moreover, what characteristics of the German culture you admire? What aspects of the social, political, and economic norms of Germany do you think can be applied to your home country?

Tips on Writing a Letter of Motivation

Assure that the composition of your motivation letter is well-conditioned. Bear in mind grammatical and spelling mistakes are unaffordable. Make proper notes before writing the actual letter. Read the final draft a few times and discuss it with your friends. Don’t forget to consult a language expert for revision. Your letter of motivation can be part of the discussion during the interview, so never exaggerate and be close to truth and facts.

In the end, the success of the motivation letter counts on your dedication and commitment. Keep trying until you get the desired result. Trust yourself and the process. Success is waiting!

Yousaf Saeed

Yousaf is known as a scholarship specialist in South Asian universities where he delivers lectures on scholarships related matters and we are happy to have him in our team because his knowledge about study abroad opportunities is very helpful for students. He also won three funded funded international scholarships through which he got his undergrad, masters and Phd studies completed with good impact factor score on researchgate.

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