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Top 3 High Demand Courses to Get Jobs in Canada in 2023

You might have a bachelor, master or doctoral degree with previous work experience but what if i tell you that in 2023 this is not enough to get a high paying job in Canada? I think you must be surprised but the fact is that you need to stand out among all others with such qualifications and that can be done if you have completed some courses which other job seeker applicants have not.

I understand that most of you might have degrees but not those high demand courses/skills which is why i wrote this article to provide you latest insights on which courses are in super high demand in Canada so you can acquire any of high demand course certifications to find employment in Canadian job market asap.

So if you are looking for a job in Canada then i strongly recommend you to read information about skills shortage occupations in Canada because if you got such qualifications or work experience then landing a job in Canada would be easy but with that i must also tell you that second most important thing to look for is information about high demand courses in Canada because if you have certification in any of those high demand courses then you can cash in your qualification easily by getting employment in Canada so lets get started:

1- Artificial Intelligence (AI) Courses

You will be an asset employee for any Canadian IT company receiving a salary of up to CAD$113k/annum (Ref Payscale) if you have qualifications, work experience, or expertise in artificial intelligence and that is because Canada is actually among those countries where AI research is being conducted at its peak.

This is one of the big reasons that IT companies of Canada such as IBM and others are finding it way too hard to find and recruit AI engineers and experts and this is where i see a big employment opportunity for you but for that you have to stand out a bit by undertaking certification or degree in AI subjects.

For that reason i think you should invest your time in acquiring AI courses (AI EduCanada Courses, IDP AI Courses) and then look for AI related employment opportunities in Canada so you can even move and settle there and i should also tell you that these IT related jobs in Canada comes under the umbrella of express entry employment program so based on that your work visa processing would fast track as well.

2- Mobile Application Development Courses (Super High Demand)

As per the claims of investCanada, Canada is now basically a home to biggest IT companies from all around the world with over 700k+ IT workers generating a revenue of $242+ billion with an average salary of an IT expert to be around $90k (Ref

You might be wondering why i shared these numbers with you, so the reason is very simple and that is to give you an idea of how big is Canadian IT industry where mobile application developers are also contributing allot which further means that if you have got expertise in mobile coding languages then do not look for a job in any other country but in Canada because here i bet you will get high paying job for sure.

But if you do not have a degree in mobile application development languages then i suggest you to get enrolled in courses of most in demand mobile application languages so you can then find jobs in Canada easily and here are my recommendations on which mobile application languages you can learn in 2023:

  • Swift/objective C programming languages (C+, java, HTML 5)
  • Scala
  • Dart by google
  • Flutter
  • React JS
  • mBaaS
  • Ruby
  • Angular by Google
  • Java script

3- Healthcare Courses for Canada (High Demand)

You can also make lot of money by working in Canadian healthcare industry if you are certified in any of high demand healthcare courses which are radiography, sonography course, pharmacy technician course, cardiovascular equipment courses, nursing or midwifery courses, personal support worker course, physiotherapy courses, optometry course, or X-ray technician course.

If you have qualifications with work experience in any of above mentioned medical courses then you must look for jobs in healthcare industry of Canada.

Yousaf Saeed

Yousaf is known as a scholarship specialist in South Asian universities where he delivers lectures on scholarships related matters and we are happy to have him in our team because his knowledge about study abroad opportunities is very helpful for students. He also won three funded funded international scholarships through which he got his undergrad, masters and Phd studies completed with good impact factor score on researchgate.

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