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Can International Students Study for free in Germany?

You may have heard that education is free in Malta and France for their students but what if i tell you that Germany is offering totally free education for German students and even for international students and this is not enough because Germany is also offering partial to fully funded German scholarships to international students which is why i wrote this article to help you obtain your conditional admission letter from any German university and open a blocked bank account but hold on let me guide you about the 7 most important documents that you will actually need while applying for admissions at any German University so lets talk about them one by one.

1- What’s the University Entrance Qualification (HZB)?

Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (HZB) is actually a document issued after you qualify for taking admission at any German University via entrance examination but if your foreign education is not equal to HZB then you have to take a test for recognition so you would be eligible to study at a German university, moreover, HZB is also valid when you meet all the other admission university criteria.

2- Language Requirements to Study in Germany in 2023:

There are several German and English language tests which are accepted in Germany as German language certificates

English language certificates accepted in Germany are as follows

Moreover, German universities can have their own language test requirements and not all the tests are accepted.

3- Requirement of Transcripts and Academic Degrees for Germany

You will also be required to provide all your educational records and that too in English or in German language but you need to make sure that copies of your transcripts and degrees are also verified by ministry of foreign affairs of your country before you submit them for consideration of admission/scholarship at any German university.

4- Requirement of Accreditation Certificate

I also want to help you in understanding what accreditation certificate is so bascially this is an official document provided by the ministry of Education or a similar office in your country which attests your previous degree and vets that you have taken the education from an institute approved by the national ministry of education of your country.

5- Requirement of Notarization of Your Admission Documents

Please also understand that Notarization is very important when you apply for admission in Germany and this is actually an authentication of your submitted documents because copies of your original documents must be sealed and signed officially by an official authority in order to have some trust factor in your documents so that the universities in Germany will have confidence in reviewing them.

6- Equivalence Certificate for Your Degrees and Qualification

If you are an international student interested to apply for admission or scholarship at any German university then you need to understand that degree/transcript issued to you by your last attended educational institution needs to be equally valued as per German educational system so for that reason you are required to obtain ‘Gleichwertigkeitsbescheinigung‘ known in English language as certificate of equivalence.

7- You may need to prepare a Curriculum Vitae for Admission in Germany

At some of German Universities you may be asked to even provide a resume or CV including details of your educational history, work experience, academic qualifications, biodata information, objectives, skills, participations in conferences and details about your achievements and awards.

What if Conditional Admission Letter issued by German Universities?

So listen if you got successful in securing admission or scholarship at any German university then that university will email you an offer letter to accept or reject and this letter is basically known as conditional admission offer letter and if you accept this letter then you will be given with study VISA invitation letter along side with admission confirmation letter by that German university and if you are wondering what will be the content of a conditional offer letter then those would be:

  • Conditional admission letter contains the acceptance reply card which shows that you have to sign the letter in order to accept the university’s admission offer.
  • This conditional admission offer letter also has all the details of course/degree program
  • Enrollment deadlines is mentioned in this letter which is basically the last date to register for your course.
  • This conditional admission offer letter also helps in applying for a German study VISA.
  • Entrance exam dates of German university or German language tests are also written in the letter.
  • Lastly, all the details about orientation day are written giving information about the university activities and premises.

Yousaf Saeed

Yousaf is known as a scholarship specialist in South Asian universities where he delivers lectures on scholarships related matters and we are happy to have him in our team because his knowledge about study abroad opportunities is very helpful for students. He also won three funded funded international scholarships through which he got his undergrad, masters and Phd studies completed with good impact factor score on researchgate.

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