Germany DAAD Scholarships 2024 for BS, MS and PhD

Germany is calling out loud to enroll international students with German fully funded DAAD Scholarships 2024-2025 batch for all subjects and all degree options which are undergrad, postgrad, research-based, and faculty/student exchange programs.

And if you are not familiar with DAAD then let me guide you with it as this is a German Academic Exchange Service run by the government of Germany which also offers Government Scholarships to international students each year. I highly encourage all my students to explore and shortlist your subject specific DAAD scholarships from their scholarship database and submit your application to grab an opportunity to study for free in German and not only this but you will also be entitled to receive stipend money on monthly basis there!

Why You Should Consider Studying on DAAD Scholarship?

I have got enough reasons to convince you to explore possibilities with DAAD scholarships in Germany because this is one of those fully funded scholarships in Germany which is available to bachelors, masters, and phd students with a promise of free education, traveling funding, allocation of free residence, funding for family members, a free life insurance, and living allowance of €934 for MS, €1200 or Phd, €2150 for faculty exchange programs.


Which Subjects and Degrees are Offered by DAAD Scholarship?

Do you know education is totally free in Germany even if you fail to get a German scholarship and on top of this DAAD scholarships in Germany are making it easier even further for talented international students to get enrolled in Any Degree Option (BS, MS, PHD, Exchange Program, Short Courses, and Faculty Trainings) and in Any Subjects advertised for admissions on DAAD scholarship database.

You know what i love the most about this German DAAD scholarship? Extended benefits support for disabled international students is promised by DAAD which means the students with disabilities will not be rejected but would be given extended German scholarship grant!

German language or IELTS Requirement for DAAD Scholarships

I am super happy to reveal this fact that DAAD scholarships are mostly exempted from the requirement of IELTS and German language however, DAAD gives preference to those applicants who provide German or English language test certificates. If you want to take a free of cost German language test to apply for a DAAD German scholarship then feel free to take it via Goethe institut or via Deutsche welle and if your want to take English language proficiency test then DAAD happily accept English language tests conducted by British Council.

You will be further excited to know that you can learn German language for free if your course duration in German is over 6 months and in this case DAAD will be bearing cost of your German language course.

How to Apply for DAAD Scholarships in Germany in 2023?

Please be aware of this fact that DAAD is a big scholarship organization of Germany which is not offering just 1 scholarship and in contrast DAAD is offering hundreds of scholarships for various academic programs in Germany. Therefore, you need to search a suitable degree option, subject, and German scholarship from online scholarship database of DAAD in order to submit your application.

But more or less you will be required to submit a specific set of scholarship application documents and for that i think you must start working now to gather those required documents ahead of time. I advise you to please write a letter of motivation with clear information on why you want to study in German, how would DAAD scholarship benefit in achieving your academic goal, and what are your research/academic goals with a proposal of an execution plan. With that DAAD scholarship applicants for higher degrees will also be asked to submit study plan or research proposal documents with degree/transcripts, character certificates, and professional work experience letters if needed.

Just in case if you have got more questions regarding DAAD Scholarships in Germany then i recommend you to check this DAAD FAQs page from where you can get answers to almost all of your questions and you can also contact regional offices of DAAD if you do not find your answers on their page.

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