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Skill Shortage Jobs in Canada for International Job Seekers

You may have read a lot of posts about how to find jobs in Canada, Canadian job based immigration programs, and high paying jobs in Canada; but this article is going to provide you with very novel information about certain professions for which Canadian companies are finding it hard to recruit skilled workers.

I am talking about vacant skill shortage jobs in Canada for which local Canadian citizens are not available to fill positions and that is why Canadian government allowed their companies and departments to recruit internationally qualified workers and this is where i see you making your way to Canada!

Why Work in Canada?

What if i tell you to look for a job in a country which is one of the best at current times then you would consider that? Let me give you some of the facts about that country and i will start with some facts from Randstad and CICNOVA that Canada is now a politically stable and peaceful country with lowest unemployment ratio having commendable contributions in the fields of medicine, space exploration, engineering, IT, and with that i am happy to tell you that Canada is a country with over 15 noble laureates in the fields of medicine, physics, and chemistry (Source Wikipedia).

You may find it interesting that Canada has an unemployment rate of less than 5% in 2023 (Labor force survey) and is basically one of the wealthiest countries where an average full time employee is making a monthly salary of over $5000 and if we dig more deeper into the financials of Canada then we will find that around 764,000+ Canadians actually have their net worth of over $1 million, whereas, over 10,390+ Canadians sits over a net worth of $30 million or more (Citation Springfinancial).

List of Skill Shortage Jobs in Canada in 2023

So based on all these interesting facts i recommend you to start applying for jobs in Canada because to be honest i can not see any other country being better than Canada as far as job search is concerned. I have already provided you with information on jobs in Canada for graduates, Canadian government jobs, immigration based jobs in Ontario, express entry jobs of Canada, Canadian work visa process, and how you can apply for Canadian work permit.

But in this article i provided you with an updated list of some Canadian job occupations which are facing skilled worker shortages which means if your skills, education, and work experience aligns with these skill shortage occupations in Canada then you may get a high paying job offer with free Canadian work VISA immediately, so without any further delay lets find out which job professions are in super high demand in Canada.

Skill Shortage Occupations Average Salary
Purchasing managers C$111,709
Telecom Carrier Managers C$117500
Data Analysts C$90236
Financial managers C$124511
Event planners C$87535
Nursing Staff C$103392
Insurance officers C$56215
Dispatchers C$47520
Doctors and Surgeons C$270000
Physiotherapists C$65756
Nutritionists C$66232
Chemists C$73482
Engineering Managers C$127,351
Forestry professionals C$90084
Architectural engineers C$135000
land surveryers C$70,200
Web designers C$54602
Electricians C$69145
Aerospace engineers C$120250

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