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Canada Government Jobs for Graduates 2023 With Work VISA

My article is for recent graduates and final year students who would be graduating in near future and have high desires to find a job in Canada to start their career. I am disclosing very high paying permanent jobs announced by Canadian government departments for recent graduates and students and their application process is all online without the requirement of IELTS or GRE exam.

Are You Interested to know Salary Packages of Canadian Gov Jobs?

I know this is the most interesting question in your mind right now and this is why i created this section to provide verified details on salary packages announced for graduate job positions in departments of Canadian government. Now, you need to understand that some Canadian government jobs are permanent so for those the salary is given up to CAD$96,268; whereas, the salary of probation and temporary jobs is under CAD$30k or upto CAD$30/hour. With these salaries some of the Canadian departments also provide healthcare insurance, residence facility, and similar employment benefits.

Can International Job Seekers Apply for Canada Gov Jobs?

My simple answer to this question is ‘YES International Non-Canadian citizens’ can also apply for Canadian government jobs if certain qualifications and immigration requirements are met as per their stated standards. As a job seeking applicant your first task would be to make sure if your qualifications are meeting minimum requirement of that particular job and then if you are not a Canadian/US citizen then you need to apply for a Canadian Work permit if you got appointment letter for your joining. Canadian government keeps motivating international skilled workers to apply for jobs in Canada via their federal skilled worker program, global talent stream, atlantic immigration program and via express entry program.

List of Canadian Government Jobs for Recent Graduates

Now let me prepare you to apply for my handpicked choice of Canadian government jobs announced for recruitment in 2023:

1- Canadian Graduate Student Research Affiliate Job

This Canadian government job is paying a starting salary of $22.71 to $28.57 per hour to students allowing them to work in Agriculture and Agri-Food department of Canada with a maximum cap of 20-37.5 hours/week. To apply online for this Research Affiliate Program (RAP) job in Canada an applicant is required to provide a resume with atleast three referees contact information from where the credibility of an applicant can be verified.

2- IT Graduates Recruitment Program

I am excited to share this IT graduate recruitment program announced by Canadian government which is keen to hire IT professionals at very high salaries of up to CAD$96000 with allowances. To apply for IT graduate program you need to have a degree in any of these subjects network security, electrical engineering, telecommunications, electronics, computer science or any similar subjects, whereas, you will also be glad to know that this job position is permanent and all the recruited IT graduate professionals will actually perform their duties at Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

3- Indigenous Student Employment Program (ISEP)

I like to inform you that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is actually running this recruitment program to hire part/full time student level job positions in 2023 for accounting, communications, audit, translation, business administration, law, project management, data analysis, and HR related jobs. If you want to apply for CRA Canada jobs then wait no more and prepare your resume and required documents and submit an application online to grab a chance to get recruited by Canadian revenue agency for a variety of above listed jobs.

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