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Jobs in Atlantic Canada on Atlantic Immigration Program 2023

Jobs in Atlantic Canada on Atlantic Immigration Program 2023 –  If you want to work in Canada then Atlantic Immigration Program in 2023 is a way forward to find a high-paying job there. If your heart says yes, here is your chance.

Be ready to enjoy permanent residency in one of the provinces of Atlantic Canada via the very famous Atlantic Immigration Program. It allows overseas workers and recent graduates of Canadian universities to enjoy living and working in Atlantic Canada under this program after getting a job offer from a Canadian employer.

What is meant by Atlantic Immigration Program?

While I was trying to move to Atlantic Canada permanently, I had no idea how and where to apply or whether the job offer is necessary before submitting my application or not. In all such hassle, I came to know about Atlantic Immigration Program, which opened a new door for me and made my journey to Atlantic Canada way easier.

The Immigration Program of Atlantic is an employer-driven program that allows Canadian employers to hire skilled and qualified workers from any country except Canada or professionals living in Canada on a temporary visa. Once interested employees secure a job in Canada after accepting the employment offer, the candidates are bound to meet a few requirements. After that, the applicants can successfully apply for the Atlantic Immigration Program.

Let’s See how the AIP works for Canadian Employers:

Any employer interested in hiring foreign employees for a specific job must ensure that his organization is designated, which means it complies with the Immigration & Refugee Protection Act. Also, it abides by health, safety, and employment standards and protocols. Non-designated companies can submit their applications to become designated as soon as possible without any charges. Because only after becoming designated employers can send invitations to foreign workers.

Before stepping further to complete the Atlantic Immigration program, employers are also required to take Onboard training and Intercultural competency training. It will help the employers in proceeding with the further requirements of AIP.

Job Offer Requirements on AIP Canada Program:

As per the conditions of AIP, the job offer by the employer must meet the following requirements; the AIP job must be full-time & non-seasonal. Similarly, jobs with TEER 0, 1, 2, or 3 must have a one-year duration. Meanwhile, the TEER 4 category jobs offer a permanent position to the employee. Moreover, the offered job only demands the same level of skill and work experience that is relevant.

Offer the Job with a Settlement Plan:

Once you have found the ideal candidate for your job that fulfills all the requirements, complete the Offer of Employment to a Foreign National form and sign it to send its copy and Confirmation of Designation copy for further process and settlement plan.

Job Endorsement Process:

In this step, employers will submit an endorsement application to the province. It will ensure that no suitable applicant is available in the region to fill out the position you have offered to the foreign employee. Also, your job offer has met all the AIP requirements. Once it is done, now employee can apply for permanent residence via the Immigration program.

Which Applicants can apply for Atlantic Immigration Program?

Only the candidates with the required work experience, meeting educational and language requirements, & holding a sufficient amount of money to support their families while working in Canada are eligible.

However, work experience is not needed for recent graduates. But they must hold a degree, diploma, certificate, or apprenticeship of a minimum of two years from an accredited institution in Canada. On the other hand, it is significant for interested individuals to satisfy the language proficiency requirements via CELPIP, IELTS, TEF Canada, & TCF tests. Make sure the results of your language tests must not 2 years older.

Documents Required for AIP Canada Program:

Following are the documents that must get attached to the Atlantic Immigration Program application:

  • Job Offer letter
  • Confirmation of Designation form
  • Educational Certificates & Academic Transcripts
  • Language Test scores
  • Bank Statement & Funds Proof
  • Declaration Form
  • Applicants’ and Family Members’ Photos
  • Endorsement Certificate
  • Travel Documents & Passport

Apply for Permanent Residence With Atlantic Immigration Program:

The AIP Atlantic Canada application process is online; however, applicants with disabilities can opt for the paper or braille application methods. The first step is to log into the official Atlantic Immigration application portal to create your account for permanent residency.

Once you have created the account, fill out the digital application forms, including the General Application form, Supplementary information, Declaration form, Additional family information form, Economic Classes form, Employment Offer form, etc. Now, print and sign these forms by hand and upload them with your application. Applicants are also required to go for biometrics before applying. After completing all these steps, attach your photos and pay the biometric fees.

On the other hand, applicants who meet the Immigration program requirements can also submit applications for Temporary work permits till their permanent residence application is getting processed.

Fees Required for AIP Application:

The right of Permanent Residence Fee is $515. However, the Processing fee, including your spouse and family member is $850. If you are interested to find a job in Atlantic Canada region then hurry up create your professional resume and then find a job in Atlantic here; and submit your application asap.

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We are delighted to have Philip in our team having expertise in DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) which is a German organization that offers scholarships to international students from developing countries. He publish guidelines that help students to learn how is it like to study at international Universities with complete application procedures.

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