Ph.D. in Germany

Why should I choose Germany for My PhD Studies?

Choosing Germany as A Study Destination

While making a decision from where to pursue the doctoral study you should always consider Germany as one of the best options. This is because Germany is considered as ideas land and there are many other strong reasons why to choose Germany as the study destination for doctoral studies. Moreover, Germany hosts thousands of international students each year for doctoral studies.

Germany is center of research, science, and development as the German nation dominates the innovation world. Moreover, Germany is recognized worldwide for its large variety in the research systems, top-ranked universities, many research institutions that equip students with the supreme opportunities for practical training’s. Additionally, Germany provides very good employment opportunities for graduates and doctoral students.

The country of Germany provides unique research and study facilities to international students and because of this, it prides itself.  If you do your doctoral studies in Germany, then you’ll be active research member, industrial and scientific offices of Germany. Moreover, you will get the full chance of exploring your desired field with the best research and scientific facilities.

Whatever decision you make about your PhD, we suggest that you should consider some points about Germany listed as follows and then make a decision.

The Universal Prestige To Study in Germany

Germany has so many prestigious institutes and provides the best quality of study to the students all over the world. Considering this, Germany has a great international prestige when it comes to the science, research and quality of the study. In Germany, there are approximately 400 institutes that provide higher education and there are 1000 different private and public institutions od research, science and development.

Among these institutions 140 institutions award PhD. degrees to students from all over the world. Moreover, these institutions have around 240,000 pupils enrolled and among those 18,000 students are doing doctoral studies while 26,000 students have engaged themselves in the research work. Additionally, in Germany, there are 500 groups and networks of research for the practical study for students. Lastly, when it comes to international students then it is clear from fact that there are 38,000 foreign students in Germany which makes it a popular study destination.

Apart from the rest of the world, Germany has excellent education and scientific infrastructure and a variety of courses to study. It has excellent research and educational institutions with great quality of study and research spaces. Moreover, Germany has great academic staff and provides a variety of alternatives to study. Apart from this, one thing that makes doctoral study worth having in Germany is because you can get a PhD. study from more than one institution in Germany either it is a non-university institution, institutions governed by the state or different companies.

Germany has a great international reputation, Times Education ranked 9 universities of Germany among 199 top universities in the world during the year 2015/2016. On the other hand, during the same year, QS World Rankings also listed four universities of Germany among 100 top universities in the world.

Various Research and Study Disciplines offered in German Universities

Germany offers a variety of doctoral studies in many research disciplines. For example, Aviation Technologies, Traffic and Automotive Technology, Environmental Technology, Energy Technologies, Biotechnology, Health Research, Communication and Information Technologies, Humanities, Maritime Technologies, Medical Technology, Materials Technologies, Nanotechnology, Natural Sciences, Photonics, Optical Technologies, Nanotechnology, Plants, Security Research, Production Technologies, Social Sciences, Services, Space Technology.

One of the important things you have to keep in mind is that all the doctoral studies support the connection of the relating companies, organizations and research institutes with the students. This enables the research-applicative development of the student as part of the academic studies.

Diverse Research and Educational Institutions of Germany

For doctoral studies, if you’re wanting a miscellaneous environment for doctoral studies then you should consider Germany as your home. For the PhD. studies in Germany you have many options of institutions to consider such as, research institutes, non-university institutes, universities, institutions governed by the state etc. However, keep in mind that, every kind of institution focuses on the different types of study. Moreover, in Germany, PhD. programs also help the students to bridge the knowledge, research and teaching.

For PhD. studies, German universities focus on research and teaching activities. While the institutions which solely focus on the research focus on the applied and basic research, consulting, policy making and the transfer of the knowledge. Apart from the training and education, these institutions are the key to consulting the national powers as they help in the country’s industrial and scientific innovation development. Moreover, the detailed research in industrial development with the cooperation of industries makes the business in Germany among one of the top ones. As they are involved dynamically in different research activities.

Is there Any Exemption of Tuition Fee in German Universities?

Germany being a popular study destination among international students does not require tuition fees from the students. Any kind of higher education in Germany is free of cost. However, you have to pay some fees of semester to the university to gain some benefits. Such as costs of administration and costs of different cultural and social events you will participate in. Moreover, this amount does not exceeds 250€ a semester.

What are the Funding Opportunities in Germany?

Being an international student for doctoral studies there’re no tuition fees. But for getting a visa you must show the 8,000€ financial proof. Moreover, you also need 812€ monthly for the costs of food, traveling and living in Germany.

So, to cover your costs in Germany there are various funding opportunities which you can consider. There’re many different programs and organizations which provide the opportunity of funding to international students for PhD studies and different activities in research. These organizations include German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), German Research Foundation (DFG) and many more.

Apart from the groups mentioned above, there’re various other organizations that provide great funding opportunities to the students. They support senior and junior researchers, individual researchers and many research projects. However, these companies include Stipendium Plus, the Volkswagen Foundation, the Klaus Tschira Stiftung, Federal and State Governments, etc.

What are the Other Ways of Selection of PhD Courses?

Among many other benefits of choosing doctoral studies in Germany is that you can choose among two types of PhD. either an individual or a structured doctorate. Individual doctorate studies give you more independence as it allows the students to choose a supervisor for themselves and also allows them to organize their own study activities.

On the other hand, a structured doctorate involves tutoring by supervisors group to you and other members of the group. Moreover, it also includes the studying of the curriculum. Apart from this, in both types of doctoral studies, you’ll be allowed to attend the seminars and different secondary activities.

Highly Industrialized Research Infrastructure

Studying a doctoral degree in Germany helps you to get the opportunity to work in a research infrastructure that is highly advanced. This is proven by the fact that you’ll be working in the laboratories which are highly funded. This funding includes an investment of 15 million euros. These highly funded labs are established to deliver a great training environment and transfer of knowledge and skills to the students. Moreover, these variety of research infrastructures are home to Ph.D. students, many scientists and different researchers.

Independence of Study

Doing a PhD. in Germany gives you a lot of independence in terms of your research and study. However, if you want to do an individual doctorate which is very common then you have so much independence. This is because you only need to stay in contact with your supervisor and your activities of study will be according to you how you want it. But keep in mind that you have to be very punctual and time frame-oriented if you want to get success. Moreover, being an individual doctorate student, you will also have an opportunity to work at a research center or any business and get paid for that

Employment  Opportunities In Germany after Completing PhD Studies?

In Germany, you can also fund your living costs by doing a job. There’re many good opportunities for doctoral students in Germany. Most of the time the students get a job of a research associate in their own university. However, there are also different organizations and programs which give employment to doctoral students on the fix terms.

If you do not get a job at the university then you can always get one outside university. As there are many research and academic jobs in Germany. The following are the different portals from where you’re able to find jobs of your type.

  • EURAXESS for
  • Arbeitsagentur
  • Make it in Germany  Portal
  • de – of Federal Government

Life Standard in Germany

One of the other reasons that why students choose Germany as their study destination is because if its living standard. According to one survey, students get attracted to Germany because of its products which are high in quality and a life standard. Additionally, Germany is among the most industrialized countries and economy of Germany is one of largest in the world.

International students like great political, social and economic environment in Germany and prefer to live and study there. Moreover, job opportunities in Germany are very high for talented people and doctoral students who want to labor in relevant industries. Furthermore, if you’re non-EU person than you can also extend the permit of residence for one year more, in order to get a job.

In Germany you can find people from all over the world sharing their culture with people around, this character makes Germany unique to live in. As being far from home you can feel at home.

Germany is the safest area to live in as it has great economic and political stability. There are many rules for human rights protection, fully developed systems of health, education system and great industry of every type.

Moreover, while being in Germany you can always have fun. This is because its culture is rich, and its streets are always filled with arts. Additionally, the festivals in Germany are also celebrated in full swing.



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