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Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program 2023 for Employment

Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW) 2023 is inviting applications from people interested  to find employment in Canada for settling there. There are more than 300 professions allowed by the Canadian immigration department for recruitment via Federal skilled worker program in 2023.

If you are wondering how to apply for Jobs in Canada via Federal Skilled Worker Program then let me guide you on that. So, the applicant has to submit an application through Canadian express entry program where the candidate’s profile will be created and it will be shared in the pool of profiles. That pool of applications and applicants will be analyzed through CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System).

Then CRS will check candidate’s profile and will rank it as per candidate’s education, professional experience, age, sponsorship from Canada (if any) and financial status. Among all the applicants, one who secures highest CRS points will be more likely to get picked up for express entry program via Federal Skilled Worker’s channel. And please keep in mind the lowest acceptable CRS score to stand eligible for Canadian express entry program in 2023 is set at 67.

6 Selection Factors for Canadian FSW Immigration Program 2023

Please also go through the following set of eligibility checks in order to stand eligible for Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program of 2023 session:

Minimum CRS Score Required for Federal Entry Program of Canada: 67

1# Professional Work Experience Requirement: Max 15 Points

A candidate is considered eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker immigration program of Canada if he or she got 1 year of full-time work experience where 15 hours per week for 24 months (accounting for 1560 hours/annum) worth of work experience was gained.

2# Academic Qualification Requirement: Max of 25 Points

Applicants are supposed to present proof of education where all the certificates and evidence of educational background relevant to the field of work is provided. Those educational certificates and degree levels should meet the Canadian level of education. Your degree’s equivalence to the Canadian level of education can be checked through educational credential assessment (ECA) to validate the equivalence of education levels.

3# Language Proficiency Requirement: Min 16 & Max 28 Points

Language is an important aspect of the Canadian Federal Immigration Program for Skilled Workers because a maximum of 28 points are added as per Canadian Language Benchmark. English and French languages are accepted for the Federal Skilled Worker immigration program for Canada and the acceptable language proficiency tests are; IELTS/CELPIP for English and TCF/TEF Canada for French language.

4# Age Limit Requirement and Points: Max 12 Points

Job seekers above 47 years of age will not be given any points but the good news is they can still apply for a Canadian Federal Skilled worker program and get a job if they meet other CRS requirements and get a min overall score of 67. Whereas, applicants with an age group of 18-35 will be given 12 points and candidates above 35 years of age will get a deduction of each 1 point for each increased year of age.

Canadian FSW AGE Bracket Points
Age Under 18 Years 0
Age Between 18-35 12
Age of 36 Years 11
Age of 37 Years 10
Age of 38 Years 9
Age of 39 Years 8
Age of 40 Years 7
Age of 41 Years 6
Age of 42 Years 5
Age of 43 Years 4
Age of 44 Years 3
Age of 45 Years 2
Age of 46 Years 1
Age of 47 and older 0

5# Arranged Canadian Employment Points: Max 10 Points

I recommend my readers to fetch these 10 points to apply for Canadian FSW program upon fulfilling the condition of having an active job offer for at least 1 year duration with a minimum of 30 hours/week non-seasonal, full-time, and acceptable TEER 0,1,2,3 profession type.

6# Adapability Points for Canadian FSW Program: Max 10 Points

You can get 10 extra points for the Canadian FSW program 2023 (Ref) if you can provide evidence of your adaptability to Canadian culture, environment, and living with the help of your previous education carried out in Canada, or proof of your spouse’s previous education in Canada, language proficiency, your/your spouse past work history in Canada, or have relatives in Canada.

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