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Canadian Express Entry Profile for Jobs Immigration – Check Your Eligibility

How to Submit Express Entry Profile for Canada?

Canada offers a large number of jobs to international skilled workers due to a shortage of skilled workers of certain professions in their country and this is how you can make your way to Canada if you are a skilled worker.

Most of you might not know that Canadian express entry applications are only invitation based which means you will be required to take a survey in which you will be answering various questions and all your answers will be recorded and then based on your information if you stood eligible to work in Canada then you will get invited to apply for Canadian citizenship via express entry route.

But most applicants might find the route of Canadian employment based immigration quite complicated as there are multiple immigration programs available and requirements for each of those differ from each other, so in this article you will get complete information about how you would be able to check your eligibility for express entry and application process of registering your profile for Canadian express entry pool.

Types of Canadian Express Entry Programs

Fundamentally there are three job based Canadian immigration programs that comes under the umbrella of Canadian express entry which are known as federal skilled trades program, federal skilled worker program, and experience class program for Canada.

I must tell you that the requirements for each of these Canadian immigration programs are different but there is actually a way to find your suitability for any of these programs by taking a short survey that will ask you some questions in order to decide which of these immigration programs would be a best fit as per your qualifications, preference, nationality, education, skills, and age.

In this eligibility checker for Canadian express entry program you will be asked to provide details on:

  • Which Canadian province you want to move to?
  • Details about your English/French language proficiency
  • If you have worked in Canada before as skilled worker?
  • Your skilled work experience which you need to classify as per national occupation classification
  • Money that you plan on bringing in to Canada with accompanying family members
  • If you got job offer in Canada already or you want to get listed in express entry pool?
  • Your age and educational background information
  • Your marital status with details on if your spouse studied in Canada or ever worked in Canada?
  • French or English language proficiency of your spouse with work experience

Registering your Canadian Express Entry Profile

Based on all your inputs in eligibility checker system for express entry program you may get an invitation via email to submit your express entry profile if you stand eligible.

Whereas you will also be required to add scanned copies of some documents in express entry application portal such as job offer letter from approved Canadian employer, your passport, language proficiency test results, provincial nomination, financial records, police issued character certificate, health fitness certificate, etc and then you will finally be able to submit your express entry profile which will be placed in a pool where your profile based on your standings will receive points as per comprehensive ranking system.

And if you got maximum CRS points then your express entry profile will keep improving its ranking which means you will improve your chance of getting selected for Canadian residency to start working as skilled worker in Canada.

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