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Jobs in Singapore for International Applicants 2023

Singapore Jobs 2023 – International employees who are desperate to change their financial situation, it is time to buckle up, move out of your comfort zone, & start applying for the better employment positions available at various local and multinational companies of Singapore in different sectors, like Teaching, Freelancing, Banking, Aviation, Engineering, etc. Working for such Singaporean companies promises a brighter, secure, and better future with high earnings, work-friendly environment, & financial stability.

Jobs Open in Singapore for International Talent:

All fresh graduates, experienced professionals, and skilled employees facing challenges in earning their bread and butter due to lack of employment opportunities in their home countries can fly to Singapore for a fresh & better start with high wages, retirement and insurance packages, and health facilities for lifetime.

1- Hotel Jobs in Singapore:

Overseas applicants with a passion, interest, and degree in hotel management have golden opportunities available at 4 to 5 stars hotels of Singapore in various positions, like Executive Chef, Dishwasher, Front desk manager, hotel room cleaner, etc. Under these significant designations, eligible ones can make a handful amount of money per month, like SGD 5,670 as chef, SGD 1,950/ month as dishwasher, SGD 5,590/ month as front office manager, & SGD 2,280/ month as cleaning attendant.

However, these exciting positions are vacant at Singapore Taang Plaza Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn, Beach Road Hotel, Furama Hotel Singapore, etc. On the other hand, qualifications to work as an Executive chef calls for 5 to 7 years of work experience in operational kitchen, knowledge of kitchen management, food, & beverage, & a UG or PG degree in Culinary.

In the meantime, a high school diploma or general education degree, good communication skills, and good hygiene practice are necessary for dishwashers, as compared to room cleaning attendants, who must have experience in housekeeping along with a simple diploma. Similarly, a front desk manager must hold a BS/ MS degree in tourism, hospitality, hotel management, and business administration.

2- Banking Jobs in Singapore:

Working in one of the prestigious banks of Singapore is not an ordinary thing that someone can take for granted, as it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that not everyone gets. Dozens of renowned banks, including DBS Bank, OCBC Bank, Citibank Singapore, CIMB Bank Singapore, etc., are operating in Singapore, ready to hire international talent to boost their profits and country’s economy.

In such regards, vacancies are open at these banks for different designations with the following salaries, SGD 3,750/ month for Customer Care Officer, SGD 12,200/ month for Relationship Manager, SGD 4,450/ month for Accountant, SGD 16,500/ month for Finance Manager, etc.

If you are interested in an accountant job in any Singaporean bank, a BS degree or diploma in accounts & finance is mandatory. However, a finance manager position requires a CA qualification with 4 years of experience in the relevant field. Customer Care Representative needs a BS degree minimum in Economics or related education, fluency in English, & excellent communication skills. Lastly, the Relationship manager must have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance, Accounts, & Economics, with 5 years of work experience. Moreover, knowledge of using MS Office, PowerPoint, & MS Excel is necessary for each position.

3- Healthcare Jobs in Singapore:

If you are a healthcare professional willing to provide your expertise and services to the people of Singapore, here is your chance. One of the best yet most advanced healthcare systems is currently hiring experienced, qualified, and skilled nurses, psychiatrists, pharmacists, & physicians from different corners.

If you belong to any of these fields, apply for the available jobs at Singapore General Hospital, IHH Healthcare, SASCO Senior Citizen Home, and National University Hospital Singapore. Meanwhile, eligible healthcare professionals will earn SGD 5,960/ month as nurses, SGD 20,800/ month as psychiatrist, SGD 4,000/ month as a pharmacist, & SGD 21,200/ month as physician.

However, academic qualifications to work as a nurse in Singapore require an accredited degree or diploma in nursing with a residency program & working experience. Pharmacists must have a 5-year academic degree in Clinical Pharmacy and Singapore Pharmacy Council Registration. On the other hand, psychiatrists must have completed their 5 years of education in psychiatry with three years of training. And, a qualified medical degree with the postgrad qualification & license to practice medicine is necessary for overseas physicians.

4- Engineering Jobs in Singapore:

Another reputable field on our list is Engineering, offering dozens of job opportunities to international engineers with talent, passion, and devotion. Interested yet experienced Industrial Engineers, Civil Engineers, Mechanical, Chemical engineers, etc., can find well-paid jobs at Engro Corporation Limited, Jurong Engineering Ltd, Garlock Singapore PTE, BroadTech Engineering, and more. Meanwhile, such engineers will get SGD 6,650/ month, SGD 3,800/ month, SGD 7,900/ month, & SGD 8,180/ month, respectively, for above-listed posts.

In the meantime, a Chemical engineer must have a diploma or a BS degree in Chemical Engineering/ Chemistry, with 3 years of work experience, & knowledge about designing chemicals. Meanwhile, mechanical engineers with a Bachelor’s or relevant degree in Mechanical engineering & Civil engineers with a degree in Civil engineering, 4-5 years of practical work experience, and good communication & interpretation skills are welcome to apply. On the other hand, industrial engineers can apply for suitable jobs if they hold a degree of Bachelor’s in Industrial engineering with MS Word & Visual Programming skills.

5- Aviation Jobs in Singapore:

The aviation industry of Singapore plays a significant role in the country’s economizing & offers high-scale salaries to deserving employees working at airports, aviation companies, & airlines. You can also apply for open jobs at JETSTAR Asia Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Changi Airport and work as Aircraft Technician for SGD 4,110/ month, Baggage Handler for SGD 2754.05/ month, Flight Attendant for SGD 2.730/month, Pilots for SGD 7,550/ month, etc.

Applicants interested in applying for baggage handling jobs must know about customer service skills, public safety & security, and be able to handle baggage up to 30kg. Meanwhile, pilots must have a GCE ‘A’ level diploma or accredited degree, flight training experience, & commercial pilot license. Aircraft Technicians need a diploma or a relevant degree in Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering, with minimum of 1 year of work experience. Lastly, Flight Attendants are bound to have an upper secondary school diploma or equivalent education in aviation, hospitality, or tourism, good verbal skills, English proficiency, appealing personality, etc.

6- University Jobs in Singapore:

Lastly, we have well-reputed teaching jobs available at the universities of Singapore, like Assistant Professor, Research Coordinator, Senior Lecturer, etc., with a monthly average salary of SGD 140,40, SGD 11,600, & SGD 4,390, respectively, including other exciting perks.

Interested ones can find vacant jobs at the Singapore Institute of Technology, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, etc. Moreover, to work as Assistant Professor in Singapore, eligible candidates must hold a Ph.D. /MD/ equivalent degree in any discipline, with research work in five publications, etc. However, Senior lecturers with a Ph.D. from renowned university, outstanding vocal and interpersonal skills, and five years of teaching experience are welcome to try their luck. Meanwhile, Research coordinators should have MS degree minimum in the desired field, with statistical skills & published research work.

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