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Jobs in Ontario Canada for International Applicants With VISA (2023)

Ontario Canada Jobs 2023 – If you want a successful career in Canada, you can consider applying to the various jobs available in the Ontario province where Canadian employers are allowed to hire international applicants as well. The Canadian government is actively filling its vacancies and this article is going to highlight jobs in various sectors along with their requirements and average salaries to make your job-hunting easier.

1# Jobs in Ontario Universities:

The most commonly sought after jobs in Ontario’s universities are assistant professors, lecturers, researchers, and laboratory staff. To make it as a lecturer and assistant professor in Ontario Universities, you must have earned a PhD or equivalent doctoral degree in education along with research and teaching experience. Whereas, if you want to apply for a research based job position in any Ontario University then you must atleast have MS degree with high journal publications and a research proposal to get accepted at University of Toronto, Ontario tech university, Western University, Cambrian college, or University of waterloo.

The average salary for an assistant professor is around $120774 annually and lecturers can earn $101,718 per year.

2# Jobs in Ontario Healthcare:

Surveys showed that 60% of Healthcare staff in Canada is not Canadian born which shows that there is scope for you if you are interested in finding job as a surgeon, or a registered nurse or dietitian or perhaps a physician’s assistant in Canada.

Job requirements for surgeons in Canadian healthcare sector are; an independent license to practice surgery and a certification from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada besides the academic qualifications associated with medicine. Surgeons also need to pass the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program.

A masters or doctoral degree is required for nurses to get a job along with adequate experience in Canada. For a registered dietitian, professional registration with the college of dietitians is required with knowledge of all regulations related to the food and nutrition sector. To find a job as a physician’s assistant in Canadian hospitals you may require registration with the respective regulatory body coupled with a nursing bachelors/masters degree and advanced primary Healthcare education.

As a surgeon in Ontario, you can earn around $473,882 annually and nurses get paid around $111,700 per year. For registered dietitians the pay is $21-$38 / hour and physician assistants can make $89,605 yearly. If i got your interest and now you want to find a really nice job in Canadian healthcare sector then please search for it in any of these hospitals as per my recommendation; Toronto General Hospital, Sunnybrook health sciences Centre and Mount Sinai.

3# Jobs for Engineers in Ontario:

The most in demand engineers in Ontario are electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical and software engineers. Some of world’s leading Canada based companies are looking to hire engineers from all over the world and you can also be one of them.

If you’re wondering about the requirements for these engineering jobs available in Ontario, Canada, we’ve got you. Mechanical engineers would need a BSc (MSc) in their respective fields with a practice license from a provincial body. To get a job as a chemical engineer in Ontario, a BSc in chemical engineering is required with 8+ years of experience of working with/in the chemical industry. Candidates of electrical engineering jobs need a BSc in electrical engineering and registration as a professional engineer and a 5 years of experience and knowledge of all technical skills are also required. For software engineering jobs, a bachelors degree in computer sciences/software and a registered engineer’s license is must.

The average pay of an electrical engineer in Ontario ranges from  $65,800-$210,00 while mechanical engineers can earn $75,726 annually. Software and chemical engineers can earn $86,722 to $137,541 per year. Most popular engineering firms to find engineering jobs in Ontario, Canada are AECOM, Thurmond Engineering, LEA consulting Ltd etc.

4# Jobs in Ontario Logistics:

If you’re looking to work in a logistics company in Ontario and need more information regarding popular openings for logistics coordinators, operations supervisors, supply chain analysts or procurement managers, read on.

The job requirements in Ontario for a logistics coordinator and operations supervisor is 3 years (minimum) experience in a supply chain industry with a supply chain diploma with knowledge of warehouse management systems

To get a supply chain analyst position in Ontario based logistics companies, you need a post-secondary education certificate with experience in logistics and strong knowledge of MS office functions. For procurement managers, having sharp knowledge of Canada’s media/marketing industry is a must, along with high level sourcing skills.

The pay average of operations supervisor jobs in Ontario is $43-$89k per year and logistics coordinators can earn $39-$59k yearly. As a procurement manager, your pay would be $67-$130k yearly. Supply chain analysts can make $51-$77k in a year. Ontario Logistics companies that you can search for open job vacancies are Red Star Logistics Inc., GX Transportation Solutions Inc. and SBS expedited Services Ltd.

5# Jobs in Banking:

To enjoy the opportunity to work in Canada’s center of economy, you can apply for banking jobs. Banking analysts, operation managers and senior consultant jobs are also available in top banks in Ontario.

Jobs requirements for banking analysts in Ontario based banks is to have a degree in banking or commerce, 3 years minimum experience in the respective field and language proficiency. Banking analysts need 2-5 years of experience in investment banking and a relevant degree with additional certifications. To become a senior consultant you must have a specialized MS degree with 5 years of experience and project management skills.

As a banking analyst in Ontario, you can earn $74,900- $119,00 annually and senior consultants can make $64-$120k per year, whereas, operations managers have a pay of $74242/year.

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