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[Pro] CV (Resume) for Scholarship Applications in 2024

Make Your Scholarship CV (RESUME) Stand Out From the Rest!

Whilst applying for scholarships, the majority of the applicants consider the scholarship application form as the most important document and disregard the significance of the rest of the documents. What they do not know is that many of the scholarship panels short-list candidates on the basis of these secondary documents only. This ignorance leads them in paying improper attentiveness while preparing such documents, which, as a result, may cost them the scholarship.

Significance of CV for Scholarship Applications

A CV, in a scholarship application, acts as your proponent by delineating your academic qualification, personal qualities as well as future scholastic and professional goals. A well-composed CV can act as a direct ticket to land you on the finalized list of scholarship holders.

But how to make your CV unconventional? This article contains pointers on how to ace an exceptional CV for your scholarship applications.

Make your CV stand out from the rest

Scholarship panels get thousands of applications from numerous candidates. They, however, do not have the time to review all of them. These reviewers, howsoever, take a sigh of relief when they assess an idiosyncratic document. This increases the applicant’s chances of getting the scholarship.

There are certain strategies that, if adopted, can help your CV stand out from those of the rest of the candidates.

  • Preordain the purpose of your CV

The first thing to keep in mind while preparing a unique CV is to construct it around a predetermined objective. 

Irrelevant information has the tendency to spoil the charm of a Curriculum Vitae. Determining the purpose of writing a specific resume beforehand will help you in deciding what and what not to include in your CV. In this case, since it is going to be a CV for applying to scholarships, ensure to correlate your data with the degree program you are applying to.

Confluence parades that you possess strong communication skills, which can emplace a good impression on the reviewer.

  • Portray yourself as a discernable personality

Attract the reviewer by giving an intriguing summary of your skillset and accomplishments. Grasping the attention of the reviewer from the onset of your personal profile is helpful in portraying yourself as a competent candidate. Using the right words to create the right impression of yourself is crucial if you want to leave the reviewing authority in reverence.

  • Accentuate on the results

Focusing on the outcomes of your degree can portray your seriousness to the reviewing authorities. encourage the reviewer to grant you the scholarship by specifying how you can contribute positively towards the betterment of society after the completion of your degree. By emphasizing the results that your degree may bring about, you can epitomize your professionalism and can surely portray yourself as a proficient candidate.

  • Feature progression and growth

Scholarship panels are usually on the lookout for such candidates who are willing to learn and grow during their studies. You can use this in your favor by focusing on the progress you may make if granted the scholarship. The main purpose of granting scholarships is to make available the opportunity of development to those, who have the will, but not the resources.

  • Showcase deep perceptiveness

Showing the reviewer that you have proper awareness regarding the degree you are applying to also contributes positively to making your CV stand out. Demonstrate profound knowledge on the subjects you are likely to study depicts your intent towards the degree you are applying to.

  • Use appealing vocabulary

Using exceptional vocabulary and polishing your sentences can help in creating a good impression on the mind of the reviewer. Using power words shows that you prepared this document industriously and are serious about getting the scholarship. Furthermore, engaging the reviewing authorities in your CV by using strong vocabulary gives them an idea that you are a rightful candidate for the scholarship.

For instance, instead of writing ‘I can do good in the field of chemistry by getting this scholarship,’ writing ‘I am likely to increase my knowledge and prove myself as a responsible citizen by contributing in the field of chemistry by getting this scholarship’ can create an impactful image in the mind of the reviewer.

  • Back your skillset by credentials

Always make sure to include such information in your CV, that can be backed by facts. If you are highlighting your recent degree, enclose the relevant documents along with the CV. This can create a positive impact on your personal profile and will verify the authenticity of your CV.

  • Apprehensibility

Keep the layout of your CV reader-friendly. Comprehensibility is a major distinguishing factor between an authoritative and an unheeded CV. Examiners spend no more than one to two minutes per CV. Therefore, it should be arranged in such a comprehensive manner that it delivers your point in a 40 to 60 seconds read.

  • Tailor your CV

In case you are applying to multiple scholarships, do not copy-paste the exact same documents in every application. Even if you are applying for the same degree program in different institutes, make modifications to your CV according to the requirements of the institute. Pinpoint keywords in the scholarship requirements of an institute and incorporate those keywords in your CV from time to time.

  • Revise and recheck

Do not turn your documents in the moment you prepare them. Make sure to recheck them in order to eradicate any grammatical errors which might, otherwise, ruin the charm of your CV.

I know we said 10, but here’s a bonus point for you to have come this far. Another very common tip that most of the applicants tend to ignore is the.

  • Presentation

Pretty common right! But it’s unbelievable how candidates overlook the fact that the first impression is the last impression. Anyhow, in order to make your CV extraordinary, focus on the way you present it. A Times Roman font in size 12 is ideal. In addition to this, incorporate a summary sheet of all your achievements before digging deeper into each of them individually, to give the reviewer a sneak peek of your accomplishments. Another important point is to mention your contact details on each page of your CV in case the pages get misplaced.

A CV has the potency to make or break your chances of getting your hands on the scholarship you long for. Make the most of this opportunity to show off your skills and achievements. That’s all for this article.

Yousaf Saeed

Yousaf is known as a scholarship specialist in South Asian universities where he delivers lectures on scholarships related matters and we are happy to have him in our team because his knowledge about study abroad opportunities is very helpful for students. He also won three funded funded international scholarships through which he got his undergrad, masters and Phd studies completed with good impact factor score on researchgate.

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