Portugal Higher Education Study Grant Scholarship 2024

The higher education study grant is available to students enrolled in both public and private higher education institutions. Whether you are pursuing a higher vocational technical course (CTESP), a bachelor’s degree, an integrated master’s, or a master’s degree, this grant aims to support your educational journey.


  1. Financial Support: Grants can significantly reduce the financial burden of higher education, covering tuition fees, accommodation, and other expenses.
  2. Accessibility: The grant application process is free of charge.
  3. Maximum Grant Amount: Eligible students may receive up to EUR 5,981.73, especially in special circumstances like humanitarian emergencies.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the higher education study grant, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Nationality or Residency: Hold legal residency status in Portugal.
  • Enrollment Status: Be enrolled in a course equivalent to at least 30 ECTS credits.
  • Educational Level: Do not hold a degree or diploma equal to or higher than the course for which the grant is being sought.
  • Academic Performance: After the first year, continue to meet the conditions for usage and the maximum number of enrollments.
  • Household Income: The total annual household income must be less than EUR 11,049.89.
  • Movable Property: The value of household movable property must be less than EUR 115,303.20.
  • Tax and Social Security Compliance: Be up to date with all tax and social security obligations.

Special Conditions

  • Working Students: For students with occasional income earned during holiday periods, the total income limit is EUR 12,569.89.
  • Humanitarian Situations: Students from Syria, Afghan refugees, and those under temporary protection from Ukraine are not subject to the annual minimum income levels and may be eligible for the maximum grant amount.

Required Documents

When applying, you will need to provide details and documents for all household members, including:

  1. Tax Identification Numbers (NIF and foreign TINs)
  2. Social Security Identification Numbers (NISS)
  3. Bank Account Balances (as of 31st December of the previous year)
  4. Movable Property Values (savings certificates, shares, bonds, etc.)
  5. IRS Tax Return (for the previous calendar year)
  6. Proof of Property Ownership or Rental Agreement (if applicable)
  7. IBAN Proof (account holder’s identity for grant payment)

Application Process

  1. Online Submission:
  2. Login Details: Use your user code and password to access the student’s restricted area. If you’ve applied before, use the same login details. New applicants will receive login information via email.
  3. Document Upload: Upload all required documents during the application process.
  4. Simulator: Use the DGES Simulator to estimate the grant amount you may receive.

Application Deadlines

  • Primary Application Period: 25 June to 30 September, 2024.
  • Post-Enrollment: Within 20 working days after enrollment, if enrolling after 30 September, 2024.
  • Professional Traineeship: Within 20 working days following the issue of proof of commencement.
  • Ongoing Applications: Between 1 October and 31 May, 2024 (grant amount pro-rated based on application date).
  • Transitioning Students: For those finishing a bachelor’s degree and starting a master’s degree, the application period remains 25 June to 30 September, 2024 or within 20 working days post-enrollment.

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