Lester B Pearson Scholarships 2025 Available in Canada

he Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarships at the University of Toronto offer exceptional international students the opportunity to study at one of the world’s best universities in one of the most multicultural cities. Established in 1827, the University of Toronto is Canada’s largest university and a global leader in research and teaching.


The Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarship covers the following:

  • Full Tuition Fees: The scholarship covers all tuition fees for four years of study at the University of Toronto.
  • Books: All required textbooks for your courses are included.
  • Incidental Fees: Any additional fees associated with your studies, such as student services and ancillary fees, are covered.
  • Full Residence Support: The scholarship provides full support for on-campus residence, ensuring that your accommodation costs are fully covered for the duration of your undergraduate program

Application Period

To apply for Lester B Pearson scholarship 2025 intake, make sure to follow these important dates:

  • Competition Opens: July 1, 2024
  • School Nomination Deadline: October 11, 2024
  • Student OUAC Admission Application Deadline: October 18, 2024
  • Student Scholarship Application and Documentation Submission Deadline: November 8, 2024

Stay on top of these deadlines to ensure your application is considered for this exceptional scholarship opportunity.

Eligibility Criteria Checker

Use this simple checklist to see if you qualify:

  1. International Student: Do you require a study permit for Canada?
    • Yes / No
  2. School Status: Are you currently in your final year of senior secondary school or have graduated no earlier than June 2024?
    • Yes / No
  3. University of Toronto Enrollment: Are you planning to start your studies at the University of Toronto in September 2025?
    • Yes / No
  4. Post-secondary Status: Are you currently attending or planning to attend any post-secondary institution before September 2025?
    • Yes / No

If you answered “Yes” to the first three questions and “No” to the fourth, you are eligible to apply for Lester B Pearson’s Scholarship of Canada.

Application Method

  • Get Nominated by Your School: Ask your school guidance counselor to nominate you for the scholarship.
  • Apply to the University of Toronto: Submit your application as per this call letter ( to the University of Toronto by October 18, 2024.
  • Receive Scholarship Application Link: Once nominated and after applying to the University of Toronto, you will get a link to the scholarship application.
  • Complete the Scholarship Application: Fill out the scholarship application form online and submit all required documents by November 8, 2024.

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