SI Baltic Sea Neighbourhood Scholarship Programme 2025

Are you interested in fostering cross-border cooperation for sustainable development in the Baltic Sea region and the EU’s eastern neighbourhood? The SI Baltic Sea Neighbourhood Programme offers an exciting opportunity for organisations to secure funding for projects that address economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Here’s everything you need to know to apply for the 2025 programme.

What is the SI Baltic Sea Neighbourhood Programme?

The SI Baltic Sea Neighbourhood Programme provides funding for projects that bring together Swedish organisations and their counterparts in the EU Baltic Sea region and the EU’s Eastern Partnership countries. The programme focuses on tackling common challenges and exploring opportunities for collaboration.

Types of Grants

The programme offers two types of grants: seed funding and funding for cooperation projects.

1# Seed Funding of Amount: SEK 100,000 to SEK 400,000 (6 – 15 months)

Seed funding aims to lay the groundwork for future cooperation. Projects can use seed funding to:

    • Prepare applications for new funding (mainly from the EU)
    • Develop project concepts and identify potential partners

2# Cooperation Projects of Amount: SEK 500,000 to SEK 1,000,000 (12 – 24 months)

Cooperation project funding aims to deepen and develop long-term partnerships. Projects can use this funding to:

    • Build networks and platforms
    • Develop and test new models and methods
    • Contribute to policy and strategy development
    • Spread knowledge and competence

Eligibility Criteria

To apply, your project must involve a Swedish main applicant and legal entities from at least three of the programme’s core countries. Eligible applicants include:

    • Non-governmental organisations and foundations
    • Local and regional authorities
    • Government agencies
    • Higher education institutions and research institutes
    • Intergovernmental organisations
    • Business companies and trade organisations

Participating Countries

The programme is open to organisations from the following countries:

    • Core countries within the EU: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland
    • Core countries outside the EU: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine
    • Additional countries: Denmark, Finland, Germany

How to Apply for SI Baltic Sea Neighbourhood Programme 2025?

  1. Read the Instructions:
  2. Prepare Application Documents: Download and fill in the required templates for the application enclosures.
  3. Submit Online: Complete and submit your application via the SI application portal. Ensure all required documents are uploaded and the application is submitted before the deadline.

Information Seminars and Q&A Sessions: The Swedish Institute will hold online information seminars and Q&A sessions for those planning to apply. Register for these sessions to gain insights and ask questions about the application process.

Information Seminar Date: 14 August 2024 (Register here:

Application Timeline

Opening Date: 19 June 2024
Closing Date: 17 September 2024 (23:59 CET).

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