10 PhD Positions at CODE Network Across Europe

In an ambitious move to bridge gaps in our understanding of decision confidence, the Collaborative Network on Decision Confidence (CODE) has unveiled opportunities for 10 PhD candidates. Spanning 9 leading research laboratories across Europe, CODE endeavors to unravel the complex mechanisms behind decision-making confidence, a key player in social behavior, clinical outcomes, and technological trust.

Despite being a critical aspect of everyday decisions, from adjusting driving speeds in adverse weather to trusting automated systems, the foundations of decision confidence remain shrouded in mystery. This uncertainty limits the potential for real-world applications, such as educational enhancements and clinical treatments. CODE’s mission is to dismantle these barriers through a multidisciplinary approach, promising groundbreaking insights.

The PhD positions offer a unique chance for emerging scholars to dive deep into this fascinating field. Successful applicants will benefit from an interdisciplinary training environment, encompassing a broad spectrum of theories and methods. The program also promises rich opportunities for international collaboration and network-wide events, setting the stage for a thriving academic journey.

List of 10 CODE Network PhD Scholarships in 2024

Highlighting the initiative, the network lists its Principal Investigators (PIs), each with distinct research focuses:

  1. Janneke Jehee (Donders Institute) – Exploring the neural and computational aspects of sensory uncertainty and decision confidence. Jehee Lab
  2. Uta Noppeney (Donders Institute) – Diving into the computational and neural mechanisms underpinning decision confidence and metacognition. Multisensory Brain
  3. Pascal Mamassian (École Normale Supérieure) – Investigating sensory and confidence uncertainty through probabilistic models. LSP
  4. Kobe Desender (KU Leuven) – Focusing on the computational modeling of decision confidence and brain activity correlations. Desender Lab
  5. Steve Fleming (University College London) – Examining the neural and computational basis of metacognition and confidence. MetaCog Lab
  6. David Soto (Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language) – Conducting developmental studies on decision confidence. Soto Lab
  7. Ruth van Holst (Amsterdam University Medical Centers) – Studying decision confidence in behavioral disorders. Van Holst Lab
  8. Elisa Filevich (University of Tübingen) – Researching the malleability of confidence and metacognition. MetaMotor Lab
  9. Andrea Desantis (The French Aerospace Lab – ONERA) – Unraveling the neural basis of perceptual confidence. Desantis Net

CODE strongly encourages applications from women and underrepresented groups, with additional support for researchers with families. Prospective candidates can check all these above mentioned Marie Curie Actions PhD positions here as well.

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