Expatrio Scholarship 2024 With €12,000, Laptop, and German Language Course

Are you dreaming of studying in Germany but worried about the financial burden? The Expatrio Scholarship 2024 is here to help you overcome those worries and focus on your new life in Germany. With substantial prizes and comprehensive support, this scholarship aims to make your educational journey smoother and more affordable.

Exciting Scholarship Prizes Await

The Expatrio Scholarship offers a range of prizes to help ease your transition to life in Germany:

  • First Prize: €12,000
  • Second Prize: €6,000
  • Third Prize: €3,000
  • 4th to 10th Place Prizes: 3 months’ rent, a new laptop, German language lessons, and semester contribution fees.

With such diverse rewards, the expatrio scholarship ensures that ten deserving students can benefit from financial support and other essential resources.

To apply, you must submit a video answering the question: “Why are you passionate about the field of study you are pursuing in Germany?” The video should be no longer than 2 minutes, in mp4 format, and free from copyrighted content. You can submit your video in either English or German, and subtitles are accepted.

How to Apply for this Scholarship?

Follow these steps to submit your application:

1# Apply for the Expatrio Value Package: Ensure you apply for the expatrio value package here

2# Prepare Your Video Submission: Create a video answering the following question: “Why are you passionate about the field of study you are pursuing in Germany?”

3# Submit Your Video: Upload your video using the application form available on the Expatrio Scholarship page. Make sure your submission is complete before the deadline on 30th September 2024.

4# Activate Your Blocked Account and Health Insurance: If you are selected as a winner, you must arrive in Germany and activate your blocked account and health insurance with expatrio by 31st October 2024 to receive your prize.

5# Wait for the Results: The expatrio scholarship judging panel will review all video submissions. They will evaluate your creativity, originality, and how clearly you answer the question and the winners will be announced after thorough analysis.

Application Schedule

  • Application Deadline: 30th September 2024
  • Start of Studies: Winter Semester 2024
  • Activation of Blocked Account and Health Insurance: By 31st October 2024.

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