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Flight Attendant Jobs 2023 at Korean Air Airlines (Multiple Vacancies)

You might wonder what it takes to get employed by Korean Air airline which is why i wrote this article for you to get complete understanding of qualifications required to apply for jobs at Korean Air and in this specific article i have discussed criteria with salary information for cabin crew (Flight attendant) jobs positions at Korean Air.

Korean Air airline is recruiting staff not only from Korea but also from other countries as this is basically an international airline operating at different global destinations where their staff have to interact with foreigners which is why a large number of workforce at Korean air is of foreign pilots, engineers, cabin crew officers, and flight attendants.

Shall we check Qualifications Needed for Flight Attendant Jobs at Korean Air?

If you have an age of 18 years to 27 years with an undergrad degree, height of around 5 feet 4 inches alongside with beautiful personality, proficiency in English/Korean/Japanese/Chinese language, and responsible nature for attending passengers then you actually would stand eligible for a flight attendant (Cabin Crew) job position at Korean air in 2023.

Wth above mentioned requirements you would also be needed to appear in physical assessment to clear some eyesight, fitness, and health test benchmarks to get health fitness clearance for this job of flight attendant.

How Much Salary You Can Expect from Korean Air in 2023?

If you get employed by Korean air for a job position of flight attendant then you can expect starting salary to be around $33k/annum which can go all the way up to $44k per year depending upon your performance, qualification, and work experience (Ref indeed) and with that a full time employee of Korean airways is also eligible to receive health insurance, residence, and utility allowances with paid leaves and similar benefits.

Korean Language Requirement for Flight Attendant Job at Korean Air

Since most of the passengers traveling with Korean airlines are Korean citizens, Japanese, or Chinese therefore flight attendant job at Korean Air have this basic eligibility requirement for all to be proficient in either Korean, English, Chinese, or Japanese language.

How Are You Going to Submit Application for Job at Korean Air?

Jobs at Korean air, Korean air cargo, and sky team of Korean air are all advertised online at their Korean air HR portal from where you have to select language and then based on that you will see regional specific jobs listed on Korean Air jobs page from where you can read eligibility requirements for each of their job and then submit your application with proper resume (CV) and required documents and if you get considered by their HR team then you will have to appear for a series of interviews and assessments to qualify for their job position.

In case you do not have required work experience of flight attendant but have a bachelors degree with good personality and required height then you can still apply for cabin crew job position at Korean air because then if you get selected then you will be enrolled in their paid Cabin crew training program before promoting you for a full time on board job position at Korean aircrafts.

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