NJUST Scholarships 2024 (BS, MS, PhD) – Stipend, Residence, Free Education

High Achievers Lanshan Scholarship 2024 at Nanjing University of Science & Technology China

This article is about fully funded scholarships 2024 at Nanjing University of Science and Technology for BS, MS, and PhD admissions under sponsorship of High achievers Lanshan scholarship announced for international students.

Which Subjects and Degrees are Offered on Lanshan NJUST High Achievers Scholarship?

So, if you are an international student interested to study in China for free and want to receive stipend money every month for your living expense with free accommodation and life health insurance cover then you must apply for this NJUST Lanshan scholarship because all these benefits are being offered for the subjects of engineering, business, arts, science, economics, law, management and education degree admissions.

How much Monthly Stipend Will You Receive on NJUST Scholarship?

I have gathered and verified details of stipend money which will be paid to you for 3-4 years of your enrollment at NJUST if you manage to win their Chinese scholarship which will disburse CNY 2500 stipend per month to bachelor degree students, CNY 3000 stipend/mon to MS students, and CNY 3500/month to PhD students.

Do you need IELTS to apply for NJUST Scholarship?

You actually need to provide English language proficiency certificate in forms of IELTS academic exam with minimum band score of 6, TOEFL test with score of anything above 85, or duolingo english test with score of 105 or more; in order to stand eligible to apply for NJUST fully funded scholarship for BS, MS, or PhD programs in 2023.

In case you are applying for Chinese language taught degree at NJUST then in this scenario you will be required to pass Chinese language proficiency exam known as Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) level 5 to become eligible for admission.

Henceforth, i suggest you to now check the list of degree programmes and subjects offered by NJUST for undergrad and postgrad admissions on Chinese Lanshan scholarships

Writing a Study Plan or Research Proposal for China Scholarship:

As you might know this already that all Chinese government scholarship applications are incomplete if research proposal or a study plan is not submitted so this is very much the case here as well for NJUST Lanshan scholarship.

Which means if you want to apply for a fully funded Chinese scholarship at NJUST then you must write a convincing study plan or a research proposal in a NJUST approved study plan/research proposal format whereas if you are going to apply for an undergrad degree scholarship then you will write your study plan in this NJUST report form.

Do you need an Acceptance letter to apply for NJUST Scholarship?

Yes all scholarship applicants interested to apply for masters or phd scholarships at NJUST can optionally seek acceptance letter from faculty members of NJUST so that the admission office of NJUST will then prioritize your selection over other applicants who will not have that supervisor acceptance letter and for that reason you can find the list of faculty members of NJUST here to write emails to them to ask for an acceptance letter for supervision of your MS/PhD research studies.

Age Requirement for NJUST scholarship in 2023

You will be eligible to apply for Chinese scholarships at Nanjing university of science and technology if your age is under 28 years for undergraduate programmes, 35 years for MS programmes, and 40 years for Phd degree programmes.

With all these above requirements i also suggest you to please download this NJUST scholarship application document checklist and fill it by gathering your scholarship application documents one by one because this form is also required to be submitted in NJUST admission portal with your scholarship application.

Where to Submit Your NJUST Scholarship application?

I am glad to inform you that the application process for NJUST scholarship is online but after submission of your online application you will be required to make to set of your documents and then post them at the address of the international student office of NJUST China before NJUST scholarship application deadline of May 31, 2023.

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