Nok Air InLearnship Internship 2024 for Students

Nok Air, a leading airline in Thailand, has launched the InLearnship Internship 2024, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at enhancing the educational landscape in Thailand. This project is a testament to Nok Air’s commitment to supporting, developing, and raising the quality of education.

By offering opportunities to both Thai and international university students, the InLearnship program encourages students to gain practical work experience, share knowledge, foster teamwork, and develop new perspectives. This initiative not only enhances the students’ career prospects but also positively impacts the organization’s image.

Objectives of InLearnship Internship at Nok Air in 2024

The primary objectives of the InLearnship program are to provide learning opportunities to Thai and international students, cultivate positive attitudes and fresh perspectives in the workplace, and help students identify their true professional interests, laying a foundation for a secure future. Additionally, the program aims to foster relationships among students from diverse educational backgrounds and fields of study, and enhance students’ understanding of the airline industry.

Internship Start Date: November 2024
Application Deadline: August 2024

Target Groups

The InLearnship program is open to Thai and international students pursuing tertiary education or higher. Domestic students of Thai nationality can participate in internships lasting 2-3 months or longer. International undergraduate students have internship periods of 3 months or more, while international postgraduate students are required to intern for at least 5 months.

Application Process

The application process involves screening application form (, departmental review, interview calls, and the declaration of interview results. Accepted interns undergo orientation and monitoring by department supervisors, with mid-internship evaluations, participation in the “FAM Trip” activity, and a presentation of their internship experiences. The program concludes with a post-internship evaluation.

Criteria for Successful Completion

To successfully complete the internship, students must complete at least 80% of the total internship period and be evaluated by monitoring officers. Results are categorized as “achieved” or “failed.” Students involved in specific projects must submit project conclusions to their original affiliation and Nok Air’s People Department.

Departments for Internship

Interns can choose from various departments, each offering unique roles and responsibilities.

  • CEO Office (CEO): Interns handle high-level tasks, support document preparation, and coordinate between departments.
  • Information Technology (IT): Involves technology communication, data management, software development, and programming.
  • Corporate Safety, Security, and Quality (SSQ): Supports quality, safety, and security programs while learning about regulatory compliance.
  • Learning and Development (L&D): Coordinates internal and external training sessions, prepares materials, and evaluates training outcomes.
  • Corporate Strategy & BD (CSBD): Monitors business situations, advises on new directions, and handles strategic planning.
  • People & Administration (PPA): Manages compensation, benefits, general affairs, recruitment, and administrative support.
  • Procurement (PCM): Manages vendor procurement, price negotiations, and summarizes procurement conditions.
  • Technical (TC): Supports aircraft engineering, maintenance, spare parts purchasing, and budgeting.
  • Technical Department-Engineering & Planning (EP): Focuses on learning maintenance principles and supporting technical documentation.
  • Accounting (EA): Involves preparing financial documents, receipts, invoices, and systematic record-keeping.
  • Finance (FIN): Coordinates with banks, manages financial statements, and handles company accounts.
  • Planning (PLN): Supports transportation services, reservation systems, CRM systems, and interdepartmental coordination.
  • Revenue & Pricing (RP): Analyzes pricing, manages revenue, and stays updated on competitor activities.
  • Digital Sales & Marketing (DSM): Creates web content, designs promotional materials, and improves online presentation.
  • Thailand Sales (TS): Provides customer information, handles reservations, and manages travel changes.
  • International & Charter Research (INC): Expands flight routes and explores new revenue channels.
  • Corporate Sales & Ancillary (ANC): Supports sales and marketing reports, document management, and market surveys.
  • Flight Operations (FE): Ensures safety and quality, liaises with departments, and manages budget control.
  • Onboard Experience (OBE): Prepares documents, records data, and coordinates with other departments.
  • Ground and Cargo Services (GSC): Supports ground operations, customer communication, and problem-solving.
  • Crew Planning and Movement (CPM): Manages crew schedules, hotel invoices, and administrative duties.
  • Operations Control Center (OPC): Learns regulations, observes flight dispatch operations, and understands work processes.

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