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You landed on the right page if you are looking to find out about high paying jobs in 2023 as per verifiable research study. To your surprise an average salary of a U.S. skilled worker is around US$54132 however there are some American workers earning in six figures annually and that too specifically would be above US$120k/annum. Therefore, i understand it is super important for you to find out which professions are paid very high in 2023 so you can prepare yourself as a job applicant in that niche so lets talk about those high paying jobs here:

Maxillofacial surgeons, Obstetrician/gynecologists, Anesthesiologists, and orthodontists are among the top U.S. workers that cross an annual salary of US$300k+ per annum as per the data issued by US Bureau of Labor Statistics. You might be wondering why all these jobs belong from healthcare sector so the reason is pretty simple and that is because of the shortage of healthcare staff in USA and this is the major reason because of which some hospitals are even paying US$300k+ for above mentioned healthcare professions in USA.

Now if you are curious to know the qualifications required for all these high paying jobs in USA then you’ll be glad to know that most of these jobs require an undergrad degree whereas a few job positions require MS and PhD degrees with relevant job experience and recommendations from previous employers. So, now let me disclose to you the list of top 10 highest paying jobs in USA as per the research issued by U.S. News and World.


List of High Salary jobs in America in 2023 (Confirmed Research)

Following is the complete list of jobs in America that are being compensated very high in 2023:

1# Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeons Mean Annual Wage: US$311,460 (USA Bureau of labor statistics)
Required Degree: Doctorate degree in Medical subject with specialization, residency program, and extensive work experience in maxillofacial or Oral field.


2# Anesthesiologists Recorded Mean Annual Salary: US$331,190 (American Bureau of labor Statistics)
Required Degree: Doctorate with specialization or extensive work experience

3# Orthodontist Recorded Mean Annual Salary: US$267,280 (American Bureau of labor Statistics)
Required Degree: Doctorate with specialization or extensive work experience


4# Cardiologist Recorded Mean Annual Salary: US$353,970 (American Bureau of labor Statistics)
Education Requirement: Undergrad MBBS, 4 Years Med School Residency, and medical board of internal medicine exam certificate.

5# Emergency Medicine Physician Mean Annual Salary: US$310,640 (US Bureau of labor Statistics)
Education Requirement: Med School Degree with ER Physician residency, and Emergency Medicine Certification (Source).

6# Dermatologist Recorded Mean Annual Salary: US$302,740 (USA Bureau of labor Statistics)
Education Requirement: Med school degree and specialization in dermatology with relevant clinical experience (source).


7# Radiologist Recorded Mean Annual Salary: US$301,720 (US Bureau of labor Statistics)
Education Requirement: Bachelors degree in Radiology, with foundation course, and years of med school training in Radiology (Source).

8# Pilot Recorded Mean Annual Salary: US$202,180 (US Bureau of labor Statistics)
Education Requirement: Undergraduate degree in Maths, physics, engineering and FAA pilot training certification, and aircraft flying license and flying experience with medical fitness certificate.


9# Ophthalmologist Recorded Mean Annual Salary: US$270,090 (US Bureau of labor Statistics)
Education Requirement: MS degree in eye surgery after undergrad in MD, with four years of residency (Source).

10# Pathologist Recorded Mean Annual Salary: US$267,180 (US Bureau of labor Statistics)
Education Needed: 4 Years each in college and med school, and 3-4 years in residency experience as a pathologist (Source).


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