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Youngest Pakistani Blogging Entrepreneur Earned US$1.5 Million in Revenue

From PhD Scholar to Million-Dollar Blogger: The Inspiring Story of Yousaf Saeed

You might think of Elon musk if i tell you to think about an individual who got success in most of his startups but today’s inspirational story is about another successful PhD scholar who emerged from Pakistan as a successful digital blogger turned entrepreneur, startup investor, and mentor.

So, today i am super thrilled and excited to tell you an inspirational story of Dr. Engr. Yousaf Saeed who became youngest Pakistani digital blogging entrepreneur with expertise in creating startups, flipping digital assets, blog monetizations, and have scientific publications.

I am actually inspired by Yousaf Saeed after analyzing various aspects of his success footprints very closely and found him as a person who believes in creating opportunities if there are none available and as per my recent interview with him, i found out that back in 2010 he started bachelors degree in chemical engineering at DUET Karachi but due to family financial crisis he had to look for part time work opportunities but sadly salaries were quite low and that was the time when Yousaf decided to turn to digital world to look out for online job opportunities.

This was the time when Yousaf’s online career started as an online freelance worker on and where he provided his freelance services as a presentation design artist through which he kept on making around US$500-$3000 a month. This was also the time when Yousaf realized potential of making money digitally and then he developed PowerPoint presentation decks for multinational companies, sold presentation templates on Graphicriver, and created his first ever presentation design website known as Later in 2014, he received Chemical engineering degree and with that, he also started learning about blogging opportunities whereas at the same time, he was also applying abroad for admission in MS degree program on a fully funded scholarship.

And then Yousaf started a few blogs and monetized them with Amazon Affiliate, EZOIC and Google ads in 2015 which comfortably helped him to make over US$150k per anum and this was basically the time when he also won a fully funded scholarship abroad to start his MS degree and meanwhile, Yousaf kept on growing his blogs by hired remote workers such as developers/writers/editors/ and started flipping his successful digital assets to some of the renowned digital assets acquisition companies.

You might wonder why he sold some of his digital assets when he was making good fortune out of those so his answer to this question was; to raise funding for growing his most successful blogs by expanding his remote workforce and i was actually amazed to know that two of Yousaf’s blogs then topped global rankings.

Yousaf also received his MS engineering degree and got scholarly publications in scientific journals with high impact factor (Source Researchgate) and won another fully funded scholarship for completing doctoral degree studies and with that, he actually got successful in flipping another website for over US$500k and in 2020 he returned back to Pakistan to focus on his IT operations and since then Yousaf’s blog generated over US$1 Million in revenue from advert monetizations, and US$500K+ by flipping digital startups, and by exporting his IT solutions at the age of 32.

I was simply fascinated and inspired by the achievements of Dr. Engr. Yousaf Saeed who made over US$1.5 Million at the age of 32 with his blogs topping global ranking charts and meanwhile he won multiple international scholarships and become youngest & most educated Pakistani digital entrepreneur and this is why i feel his success story is actually a beacon hope for all young entrepreneurs, freelancers, students, and individuals looking to find success and if you are interested to find more information about him then you can read more on his mentorship blog.

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