2024 Easy Literary Competition Announced by Friends of Polish Art

Friends of Polish Art (FPA) is excited to announce the 2024 Suzanne Marie Margaret Sloat Youth Literary Competition, a prestigious opportunity for young writers. This competition invites students from 4th to 12th grade to showcase their literary talents and explore themes related to Polish culture and heritage.

Competition Details

The competition is segmented into three levels, catering to different age groups:

  • Level I: 4th-6th Grade
  • Level II: 7th-9th Grade
  • Level III: 10th-12th Grade

Participants are required to submit an essay on the theme, “My adventures with a famous Polish person or Polish Legend or Mythological Creature.” Essays must be original, unpublished, and between 500 and 1000 words in length. Entries can be submitted in either English or Polish.

Submission Guidelines

  • Deadline: Monday, July 1st, 2024
  • Format: Typed, double-spaced, and submitted as a Word or PDF attachment
  • Entry Form: Include the attached “Entry Form/Permission Slip” with your submission

Awards and Recognition

Winners will be honored at the annual FPA General Membership Meeting in September 2024. The exact date will be announced later. Prizes for each level are as follows:

Level I:

    • 1st Place: $100
    • 2nd Place: $75
    • 3rd Place: $50

Level II:

    • 1st Place: $125
    • 2nd Place: $100
    • 3rd Place: $75

Level III:

    • 1st Place: $150 (matched by ACPC)
    • 2nd Place: $125
    • 3rd Place: $100

Winning essays will be featured on the Friends of Polish Art website and you can submit your entry here By entering the competition, participants grant FPA the right to publish and reprint their essays without royalties or fees.

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