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Apply for American (US) Jobs on Tourist or Business VISA in 2023

I just came across this wonderful news from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) allowing US tourist/business VISA holders to apply and appear for job interviews. I think this is a big step taken by USA immigration department to allow international skilled workers to enter United States of America so they can apply and appear for job interviews in US but only upon meeting certain requirements which are stated by USCIS to convert their tourist/business VISA into US work permit upon starting the job officially and not to participate in local labor market jobs.

Why USCIS is Permitting to Apply for Jobs on US Tourist & Business VISA?

Now you might be wondering why US immigration department is suddenly giving this leverage to non-US citizens and to be very honest it was quite easy for me to find the right answer for this. Actually, due to recent recession in US; multinational companies operating in USA have carried out thousands of employee layoffs which is why thousands of people lost their jobs in US and eventually had to give up on their US work permits which further depicts they might have to leave America.

This is why those worried immigrants raised concerns on what if they can get their US work VISA converted into US study, business, or tourism VISA’s and apply for jobs in USA on those visas and to these concerns USCIS answers on Twitter that the holders of US tourist VISA (B2 VISA) or US Business VISA (B1 VISA – Short Term US VISA) can search, apply for jobs in USA and even appear for job interviews but upon getting an employment they will be required to apply for US Work permit again.

Now Can You Apply for Jobs on US Tourist or Business VISA?

Yes! the simple answer to this question is yes you can find and apply for jobs in USA if you hold a valid American business (Short stay VISA) or US tourism VISA but two conditions needs to be fulfilled; first condition imposed by USCIS is not to get recruited by any US domestic labor market job and second condition is that upon getting an employment the holder of US tourist/business VISA must exit US and re-apply for US work VISA to re-enter USA to start working there.

This clearly shows if you want to find job opportunities in USA to apply and appear for job interviews in America then you can actually take advantage of US tourist B2 VISA and US business B1 VISA to enter and stay in USA for a specific duration and upon getting an appointment letter feel free to convert your VISA to US work permit.

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