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Australian Government Internships Offering $57,968 Salary

Australian Signals Directorate Internship With Salary of $57000+


You may never have heard of an internship opportunity for students offering huge salary of $57,000 until now because i have an important news to share with complete guidance on its application process. Australian Signals Directorate is offering fully paid internships to students of top ranked Universities studying in any masters or bachelors degree and you will be excited to know that if you perform well in this internship then you may also receive an employment offer from ASD based upon your performance.

How Much Salary is Offered in ASD Internship in Australia?

All internships at Australian Signals Directorate are offered with a salary package of $57968 which is as per APS Level 2 salary package (Ref and with that interns will also be given a chance to work for ASB permanently if they perform well in their internship duration.

ASD Internships are Offered for all Subject Fields in 2023

Australian signals directorate internships are offered for all subject fields in 2023 to university enrolled students because this department is multi-disciplinary so if you belong from any of these fields then you stand eligible to submit your internship application at ASD via APS jobs portal:

  • Psychologist interns
  • Finance interns
  • Audit or fraud control department interns
  • Accounting interns
  • Administration interns
  • Legal team interns
  • Media or communication interns
  • Logistics interns
  • Project management interns
  • Data or cyber security interns
  • Contracting or procurement interns
  • Intelligence department interns
  • Infrastructure interns
  • Engineering interns
  • Medical staff interns
  • HR interns
  • Knowledge management department interns

ASD internships jobs Role:

You will be happy to know that being an ASD intern you will be responsible to work under contract for a period or three months starting from November 20, 2023 till February 16, 2024 in any of these Australian locations such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, or Perth.

I must tell you that ASD expects from you to provide your services in project management for the development of educational literature for optimizing workforce engagement, and behavior whereas you will also be responsible for carrying out finance/asset management activities as well.


Shall We Check Your Eligibility for ASD Internships?

You can easily qualify to apply for internships at ASD department of Australia if you clear medical checkup exam as per ASD designated hospital to declare yourself as mentally and physically health person an with that you will also be required to clear your security clearance and have to pass organizational Suitability Assessment.

I also advise you to take an online career path finder quiz to check where do you fit best in Australian signals department which means you will be able to find ASD latest career opportunities and then you would also be in right position to assemble your documents for application submission.


ASD Internships Application Deadline

If you want to apply for ASD paid internships now then all you have to do is to create a free account on ASD HR page and then fill internship form with required documents and feel free to submit your internship application before June 4, 2023 and this is how ASD internship application form looks like.

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