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Australian Highest Salary Jobs 2023 As Per Taxation Department of Australia

You studied for years to get qualified for a job by completing your degrees so now i think you will not settle for a low or moderately paying job for rest of your life because you know your earning and qualification potential which can be optimized to land a high paying job but for that we need to look into the data to find out which of the country is paying high salaries with good work/life balance for your profession therefore in this post i am going to discuss top 10 high paying jobs in Australia as per recent salary information revealed by Australian taxation department.

But before we proceed to check this data let me give you an overview of which sectors top topping this list of high paying professions in Australia so these are Healthcare, financial services, mining, and engineering as most job occupations with high salaries in Australia belongs from these areas.

List of Australian Professions With Highest Salaries 2023

So here is the complete analysis table of 10 highest salary job occupations in Australia as per RTO report with salaries, and total number of income taxed individuals in tax year 2022-2023:

Ranking Australian Jobs With Highest Salaries (RTO Report) Total  Workers Annual Salary
1 Surgeons 4157  A$457,281/year
2 Anesthetists 3461  A$426,894/year
3 Financial dealers 4761  A$341,798/year
4 Internal medicine specialists 10055  A$334,267/year
5 Psychiatrists 3071  A$270,412/year
6 Other medical practitioners 28947  A$251,722/year
7 Mining engineers 9127  A$198,178/year
8 Judicial or other legal professionals 4025  A$193,388/year
9 Chief Executive Managing directors or (CEO) 224015  A$177,508/year
10 Financial investment managers or advisors 20268  A$169,608/year

Now as you can see from this RTO report that 5 out of top 10 high paying jobs belongs from healthcare industry Australia and among these surgeons and anesthesiologists are actually topping this list followed by international medicine specialists, psychiatrists, nursing and other staff.

Whereas surgeons in Australian healthcare sector are making a whopping salary of AUD $457,281 and a total of 4157 surgeons are currently working in Australian healthcare system which further depicts that if you are also an experienced surgeon then you can try to look for jobs in Australian healthcare industry because you will then also receive such high salaries possibly. With that Anesthesiologists also received a very thick salary in Australia with a total of 3461 anesthetists workers in total as per RTO income tax report received around AUD $426894/- annual salary.

After that third spot of this list was comfortably captured by financial advisors/dealers with a total of 4761 workers making a highest salary of AUD $341798 per year followed by 9127 mining engineers with a highest salary of AUD $198178 per annum.

Whereas law professionals in Australia are over 4000 workers with their highest record salary of AUD $193388 per year and on 9th position we have CEOS in Australia with the highest number of 224015 workers working there and making a highest salary of AUD $177508 per anum.

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